The last episode of the podcast dealt with the need to tap into the intellectual output of the ancient Mediterranean world -- the Bible’s own context – in order to start thinking the thoughts of the biblical writers. This episode takes this recommendation further by directing listeners to the best volumes and websites for English translations of ancient literature pertinent to biblical studies. The episode focuses on the civilizations that give the OT its context – the civilizations of the ancient Near East (ANE). Dr. Heiser recommends books (whether hard copy or digital form) as well as websites for tapping into ANE literature. Ancient Texts in English Translation: Ancient Near East Books: General Collections The Context of Scripture (COS); 3 volumes digital version Ancient Near Eastern Texts (ANET) by Pritchard ( one volume hardcover ; split into two volumes paperback; vol. 1 and vol. 2 ) digital version Writings from the Ancient World set (amazon link to volumes in the series) digital version Egyptian Literature : Miriam Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature (3 vols) digital version Foster, Ancient Egyptian Literature The Literature of Ancient Egypt: An Anthology of Stories, Instructions, Stelae, Autobiographies, and Poetry; Third Edition by Professor William Kelley Simpson, Professor Robert K. Ritner, The Reverent Dr. Vincent A. Tobin and Professor Edward Wente Jr. Moran, The Amarna Letters digital version Mesopotamia (Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian) Foster, Before the Muses: An Anthology of Akkadian Literature Foster, From Distant Days: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia Dalley, Myths from Mesopotamia: Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others Jacobsen, The Harps that Once... Sumerian Poetry in Translation Ugaritic Texts: Wyatt, Religious Texts from Ugarit digital version Gibson, Canaanite Myths and Legends digital version Coogan and M. Smith, Stories from Ancient Canaan Websites ETANA (Electronic Tools Ancient Near East Archives) Internet Sacred Texts Archive Internet Archive