1 Samuel 11 explores the inauguration of Saul’s reign as king of Israel. In the previous chapter, the prophet Samuel had given Saul several signs that his anointing was genuine and from the Lord. That validation ended with Samuel’s directive that Saul accompany him to Gilgal to renew the covenant. Saul failed to do this. In this chapter of 1 Samuel, we discover what Saul did instead of going to Gilgal. In one respect, the chapter records Saul’s lone real success as king with a victory over the Ammonites. But in another respect, it again sets the tone for Saul’s unfitness to be king. On a wider, more surprising note, this chapter also seems to reveal a connection back to the serpent of Genesis 3 as part of a motif that Israel’s kings were expected to be fulfillments of the promise of the seed of the woman overcoming the serpent.