While this episode covers Acts 2:1-21, the emphasis is on vv. 14-21. The first thirteen verses are only summarized with respect to what they describe and its biblical-theological significance. Listeners are encouraged to watch the video Introducing the Divine Council Worldview (located under “New? Start Here!”). The second half of that video covers Acts 2:1-13, the events of Pentecost. Acts 2:14-21 takes us back to the New Covenant idea of the Old Testament. Dr. Heiser talks about the connections between these verses and items in Acts 1, Jer 31:31-34, Ezek 36:22-27, and Joel 2:28-32, which Peter quotes in this section of Acts 2. The episode gets into how these inter-connections should inform how we think about eschatology (end times) and biblical theology in general.