Acts 15 is the account of the Jerusalem council, the meeting of the leadership of the church in Jerusalem, along with Paul and Barnabas, to discuss the matter of Gentile acceptance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some Jewish believers were of the opinion that to be truly saved, Gentiles had to essentially become Jews—i.e., submit to circumcision and follow the law of Moses (Acts 15:1, 5). Peter, Paul, and Barnabas disagreed. The chapter records the decision of the council. Part of that decision includes an important citation of the OT by James, the leader of the church at Jerusalem, which helped to settle the matter on the side of Peter, Paul, and Barnabas. Nevertheless, certain stipulations were made of Gentiles, but not with respect to their salvation. This episode of the podcast takes a look at two items: (1) James’ use of the OT, asking the question of how the fulfillment of OT prophecy “worked”; and (2) the nature of the stipulations on Gentiles. Here are the papers referenced in the show: Glenny The Septuagint and apostolic hermeneutics Amos 9 in Acts 15 Tanner James’s quotation of Amos 9 to settle the Jerusalem council debate in Acts 15 Beale Carson Acts 15