How does one go from an intellectual understanding of the ‘Self’ to a living realization? Through the aid of Vedantic Meditation, Swami Sarvapriyananda shares methods that can be used to reach this ultimate spiritual goal. This discourse is inspired from a verse from the Brihadharanyaka Upanishad (Mantra 4.4.12) as taught in the book, Pancadasi by Vidyaranya: "If a man knows the Self as ‘I am this,’ then desiring what and for whose sake will he suffer in the wake of the body?" Mantra 4.4.12: आत्मानं चेद्विजानीयादयमस्मीति पूरुषः । किमिच्छन्कस्य कामाय शरीरमनुसंज्वरेत् ॥ १२