Q&A session lead by Swami Sarvapriyananda at the Vedanta Society of New York on Jan 23rd, 2022. List of questions with timestamps: 00:53 - Is it possible to experience Turiya temporarily? 11:28 - Why does Drg-Drsya-Viveka indicate that only the avaccheda (limitation) theory explains the appearance of one consciousness as many consciousnesses? 28:28 - If there is ultimately no free will, how is Karma applicable? 40:14 - Who created the universe, Iswara or Hiranyagarba? Why is it said that Hiranyagarba has maximum bliss? 53:05 - How is the witness consciousness really free, if it cannot choose what it wants to witness? 56:09 - If both bliss and pain are in the mind, why is Atman described as pure bliss, and not also pure pain?