Q&A session lead by Swami Sarvapriyananda at the Vedanta Society of New York on Apr 10th, 2022. List of questions with timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 02:24 - Isn't enlightenment part of Maya? 16:05 - The witness consciousness, sat, chit, ananda, the basis of all truths, cannot perform any action. The mind removes its own veil. How can we turn this understanding into meditation? 34:10 - In the Gospel, Sri Ramakrishna says to "dive deep". What does this mean? 50:05 - What does Sri Ramakrishna mean when he tells Naren "He who was Rama and he who was Krishna was born again as Ramakrishna, but not in your Vedantic sense"? 59:30 - How do I know if I am progressing spiritually? How can one recognize an enlightened being? 01:15:25 - Why is there a tradition of fear in relation to God?