Q&A session led by Swami Sarvapriyananda at the Vedanta Society of New York on Jan 22nd, 2023. List of questions with timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 02:22 - Can Brahman be equally immanent and transcendent? 21:37 - Who is the doer of action? 33:15 - Swamiji, what is your daily routine? 34:34 - Can art lead us to the infinite? What is the nature of abhyasa? What is the nature of vairagya? 54:20 - If Buddhism believes in reincarnation, why not the Atman? 01:01:40 - What do you mean by an appearance in consciousness? Is it permitted to think of consciousness with qualities? 01:06:36 - How can we be sure that this waking world does not occur in our mind like a dream? 01:12:50 - Does moksha happen at once, or does it happen over time? 01:17:10 - Why are there so many different perspectives on moksha? 01:19:14 - Can there be spontaneous enlightenment without spiritual practice? 01:23:24 - How can reality be truly One? 01:34:01 - When a spiritual seeker becomes stuck, is a guru necessary?