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May 11, 2010,the Fastest Growing Online Religion and Spiritual Resource,Celebrates ItsFirst Anniversary With the Release of Patheos 2.0, website of choice for people lookingforcredible and balanced information or resources about religion andspirituality, celebrates its first anniversary. Bringing togetherthepublic, academia, and faith leaders in a single environment, Patheosoffersinsight into questions, issues, and discussions about religion.Unlike anyother online religious and spiritual site, it is designed to servethoseseeking to learn more about different belief systems, as well asparticipate in productive, moderated conversations on some oftoday's mostdiscussed and debated topics. As a part of the celebration, Patheosisintroducing several new features and products.

Patheos Experts: With all of thenoiseof the web, it can be difficult to tell the difference between anexpertand someone with an opinion. Through our exclusive hub of expertiseonReligious and Spiritual information, Patheos now provides access toexpertsfor the media, interfaith dialogue, the community and the faithfulseekingresources for their worship communities or events.

Buddhist and Hindu Portals: Thesetwoportals join the Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, Mainline Protestant,Mormon, Muslim and Pagan Portals, visitors become immersed in therichtapestry of the world's religions through a variety of photos,videos,blogs, podcasts and other multimedia applications, and theyencounter tovarious elements of different religious practices, ceremonies andsacredplaces.

Inspiration Portal: Acknowledgingthatinformation and inspiration can sometimes be very different things,theInspiration Portal invites the visitor to discover the grace inadmist thenoise of the world. Ralph Marston of the Daily Motivator offersdailymotivational thoughts, news and stories to help visitors seek andunderstand those things that quiet the soul.

Teachers Portal: Patheos offersvaluable material for teachers in both public and private schoolsanduniversities. A dedicated page with a guide to using Patheosfacilitatestheir quick and easy access to helpful resources within the site. Howto Incorporate Patheos intothe Classroom, Citing Patheos in Research, an Explanationof the Library andComparison Lenses, and a FullList of Contributors with their qualifications are but afew ofthe quick-click features at their disposal.

Community Portal: Here is the placetoengage in dialogue on religious and spiritual topics, connect tootherPatheos users, comment on or start a new blog, or develop eitherprivate orpublic groups for special interests or small group study. Steps havebeentaken to ensure Patheos members continue to have a safe place toengage inconversation about faith, spirituality, and religion.

Other enhancements have also been made to the site navigation,searchfunctionality, and the Travel and Retreat Portal. Patheosisstill looking forbloggers who can speak authentically on travelingfrom aperspective of their faith. If interested, you are invited to send asampleblog post to

See for yourselfwhat the celebration is all about. Visit or contactus for additional information.

About Patheos: is the premier online destination toengagein the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and toexplore andexperience the world's beliefs. Patheos is designed to serve as aresourcefor those seeking to learn more about different belief systems, aswell asparticipate in productive, moderated conversations on some oftoday's mostdiscussed and debated topics.


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