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Film Chat

Four Jesus films make Pop Classics’ “ancient movies” list

Juliette Harrisson, author of the Pop Classics blog, has included four Jesus movies in her list of ten favorite films with a Greco-Roman theme.

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The Criterion Collection: The Game

I chose to review the Criterion Collection version of The Game partially because I really don’t believe in a lot of the hocus-pocus digital magic over-priced Blu-ray cash-grabs, and I wanted to point at this edition and say “it didn’t affect my experience and it’s a waste of money.”It did. And it’s not. As is the case in many things, I was plain wrong.

Watching God

The Aurora Theater Shooter: What Would Batman Do?

It’s been about three months since the Aurora theater shooting trial began. A jury has already determined that James Holmes, while mentally ill, was not legally insane and, thus, culpable for his heinous actions July 20, 2012. Next week, they’ll decide whether he should die for them. I’m glad I’m not sitting on that jury. Does [Read More...]

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