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“We start with the message and build the story around it.”

The producer of God's Not Dead says story should come second to propaganda in faith-based films. Not that he worded it that way.


Stalingrad director to tackle Greek-myth flick Odysseus

The long-simmering adaptation of Homer's Odyssey has a new writer and a new director.

Looking Closer

Viewer Discussion Advised! 12 Steps to More Rewarding Moviegoing

Share this with your family and friends. Make a copy for your pastor. And start your own church-basement movie club! But be sneaky about it. The first rule of Sight Club is this: Don't talk about Sight Club.

Schaeffer's Ghost

A tribute to authenticity

It may not be the key to success, but it is the key to happiness.

1More Film Blog

Five Novels That May Be Unfilmable–and the Artists We Would Like to See Try

There are more movies each year and hence the need for stories has never been greater. Technological advances have helped create special effects that would appear to make our imaginations the only limit to what could appear on screen. It's probably the case that no novel is truly unfilmable, so Hollywood may get to these eventually. I'm just not holding my breath.


Here we go again: Ridley Scott’s Exodus and “accuracy”

A new survey claims many Christians won't see the upcoming Moses movie unless it is "accurate". But what does that word mean? And what sorts of inaccuracies have Christians been okay with in previous Moses movies?

Sister Rose Movies

‘Deliver Us From Evil’ is dark, violent, and an adventure in grace

Horror-meister Scott Derrickson’s newest film, “Deliver Us From Evil,” begins with three U.S. Marines in Iraq who come across some strange writing on a wall in an underground cave. What they don’t realize is that the writing is from the devil and that when they return home, they bring darkness and evil with them. New [Read More...]

1More Film Blog

The Thin Place #46: Violence in The Edge of Tomorrow

Back after a hiatus, Ken and Todd discuss Doug Liman's sci-fi film, The Edge of Tomorrow. Why is the way violence is represented in the film particularly disturbing? Are we intended to laugh at it? And why does Todd say the movie reminded him of watching someone play a video game?


Exodus: Gods and Kings footage sighting!

The first footage from Ridley Scott's Moses movie has been shown to foreign theatre owners at a convention in Barcelona.

Schaeffer's Ghost

Who can say no to a sappy singalong?

You’d have to be pretty curmudgeonly not to like Jersey Boys.

Looking Closer

The 2014 Looking Closer Beauty Pageant – Contestant 2: Ewa

"The Immigrant" is going to bless those who love cinema more than entertainment, who want something to think about and talk about instead of something to pass the time.

Video for Jonathan Ryan's "Three Gates of the Dead"

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