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Watching God

Meet our Newest Blogger

Please join Patheos in welcoming Paul Asay.

The Rogue

Interview with Comics Legend Neal Adams

Comics can Entertain and Make People think on a Deeper Level

1More Film Blog

Role Models? Dolphin Tale 2 Cast Embrace Chance to Influence Young People

Although they are only 16, these actors realize the importance of highlighting their maturity if they wish to be treated with the same respect. Their relationships with the rest of the cast members, including those playing their parents and other authority figures, emphasize mutual respect

Watching God

Forrest Gump: He Knows What Love Is

“Stupid is as stupid does.” That’s Forrest Gump’s snappiest comeback line. Whenever someone asks Forrest if he’s an idiot (which is often), he remembers what his Mamma always told him: Stupid is as stupid does. It’s not a denial. It’s simply a statement of fact, and a bit of a challenge. Don’t judge me by [Read More...]


Morgan Freeman to play an Arab sheikh in Ben-Hur?

The last actor to play Freeman's character on the big screen won an Oscar for his performance.

Looking Closer

U2 Lives!

Okay, for the one reader out there who doesn't know: You can download the new U2 album for free right now on iTunes.

The Rogue

Salt Lake City Comic Con to begin with a Press Conference

Tomorrow is Salt Lake City Comic Con! The madness begins. My day will start off at 11:00 P.M with the press conference at the Salt Palace Convention Center. What will this look like? From the official press release…. The press conference is a chance for Dan Farr, the Show Producer and founder and Bryan Brandenburg, [Read More...]

Looking Closer

Best Use of Music in a Movie: Share Your Favorites

On Twitter, the poet Amy Newman asked me to share my pick for “Best Use of Music in a Movie.” When a poet as gifted as Amy Newman asks you a question, you answer it. Few people would be qualified to choose the “best use of music in a movie.” I’m certainly not. Neither are any [Read More...]

1More Film Blog

Blake Rayne Interview: Identical Star Discusses Learning from a Pro

Blake Rayne says film acting was “always on my bucket list of things” but that without the connections or time to pursue it, he wasn’t sure it would ever happen. The story of how he was cast in the double role of Ryan Wade/Drexel Hemsley is, in a way, as archetypal as the one The [Read More...]

The Rogue

Top Five Things I’m Looking Forward to at SLC Comic Con

The countdown to Salt Lake City Comic Con is T-minus two days. As of this time Thursday, I’ll be giving my first panel discussion. So, what am I looking forward to the most at my first ever Comic Con? Here is the list….. 5) Interviewing Cool People. Here’s the thing, I’m not really a celebrity [Read More...]

1More Film Blog

Masters of Sex Episode 2.8 Recap: Mirror, Mirror

In a week where the dominant news story has been about leaked nude photos of celebrities, some of them apparently underage, it actually feels a little counter-cultural to watch a show that acknowledges sex has the power to scar us as well as titillate us.


Exodus: Gods and Kings: the Hebrew slaves speak!

Aaron Paul and Ben Kingsley discuss their characters, Joshua and his father Nun. Plus: more photos from the film (and GIFs!).

1More Film Blog

Snowpiercer vs. The Giver

I wouldn't begrudge anyone who thinks the films Snowpiercer and The Giver have as much in common as an elephant and a plum, but I have been thinking about the two in conjunction recently.

Looking Closer

From the Director of “Metropolitan” and “The Last Days of Disco”

I'm excited to find, among the new Netflix original series, "The Cosmopolitans," a new series from Whit Stillman.

The Rogue

The Remaining: Interview with Alexa Vega

(As regular readers of The Rogue know, we have an interest (some say warped) in the deluge of so-called Christian movies hitting the market. Most of them are bad, few are good and some just recycle the same old evangelical crap. However, when The Remaining came across my email, I couldn’t pass it up. How does a [Read More...]

Video for Jonathan Ryan's "Three Gates of the Dead"

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