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Sacred Narratives

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a premillennial denomination, meaning that it anticipates an apocalypse and Jesus' Second Coming, followed by a thousand years of peace and prosperity, as described in Revelation 20.

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

Adventists believe with other Christians in the Triune God--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created by divine fiat and has acted through Jesus to save humanity from the sin of Adam. Jesus will return not only in spirit, but in person to save the world.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

Adventists have a holistic view of human nature, in that body, mind, and soul are created together and are inseparable. Humans are also by nature mortal, but can receive immortality through God's grace and Christ's atonement.

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Adventists look to the future with hope, but are pessimistic about the present. The present age is hopelessly evil, and Christ sits in judgment, as described in Revelation 14:7. Only God's direct action can bring redemption.

Afterlife and Salvation

The dead are in an unconscious state until Christ returns on the last day. Then the whole person--body, mind, soul--is resurrected and judged. The righteous will receive immortality and live forever in the abode of Christ's new earth.