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Ethics and Community

Community Organization

Besides being places of worship, AICs form communities of people who are concerned about each other's wellbeing, whether they participate in religious activities regularly or only when experiencing a particular misfortune.


To act as an AIC leader, one should be called or receive a vision from the Holy Spirit. Laypeople strive to distinguish the leaders who act on authentic calls from those who prophesy falsely.

Principles of Moral Thought and Action

AICs cherish African notions of community and social structure, while helping their members to achieve social and moral progress.

Vision for Society

AICs desire for African people and societies to be healthy, productive, and modern. Many AICs have been politically active, working to unite and empower African people against external domination.

Gender and Sexuality

Although women outnumber men in AIC congregations, most AICs are led by men. Recently, some women have been founding their own churches and leading them themselves.