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Ethics and Community


In Anglican ministry, bishops are the chief pastors of their respective dioceses. Priests are the pastors of local parishes and celebrants of the Eucharist. Deacons are assisting ministers.

Community Organization

The Anglican Communion is experienced in local parishes, which are joined into regional dioceses, which in turn compose geographical provinces. The strict geographical organization of Anglicanism is being challenged by theological division.

Principles of Moral Thought and Action

Good works follow necessarily from faith, but sin also continues. Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience are all sources of moral authority, with the result that differing ethical views abound.

Vision for Society

The original theocratic Anglican societal vision of a godly state has given way to diverse visions with common ground on freedom of conscience and biblical principles such as human dignity.

Gender and Sexuality

Women may now be ordained as Anglican priests in most places, although there is still some disagreement, and controversies over the Church's stance on homosexual practices are dividing the Church.