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Sacred Narratives

The life, teachings, and healing work of Christ Jesus are the key narratives for Christian Scientists. The Christian Science textbook is thought to restore the spiritual and original meaning of the scriptures, so it, too, is considered sacred.

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

Ultimate reality is created and governed by a sole, supreme God and peopled by God's image or reflection, "man," both male and female, distinct from humanity. Christ Jesus is the divine mediator between God and humanity.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

Humanity, unlike spiritual "man," often acts sinfully. These are not two beings, but one perfect creation obscured by the "mist" of sin. The point of human existence is to yield to Christ, which clears the mist and saves humanity.

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Suffering is an error produced by sin or fear. Overcoming sin requires repentance and reformation. All human suffering is ultimately resolved by the victory of Love, God, over evil. Every Christian Science healing is a step in this ultimate direction.

Afterlife and Salvation

Individuals are thought to "pass on" to an existence similar to that experienced before death, where they can continue making strides toward eternal salvation. Death is considered the "last enemy" that does not offer any advantage toward salvation.