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Ethics and Community

Community Organization

The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, MA, known as The Mother Church, is the center of the worldwide community of Christian Scientists. Adherents congregate in democratically governed "branch" or local churches, societies, university organizations, and on the internet.


Mary Baker Eddy leads the Christian Science church through her writings. Church officers are not leaders but executors of church bylaws. Instead of clergy, the ordained, dual Pastor is the Bible and Eddy's Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Principles of Moral Thought and Action

The Ten Commandments of Moses and Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, particularly the Beatitudes, are considered the core of moral thought and action. Individual study, prayer, and inspiration are indispensable to applying these rules to daily life.

Vision for Society

Christian Science calls for healing societal problems (such as sexism, racism, and environmental distress) as much as personal sins and bodily ills. This healing is considered an effect of Christ and one aspect of salvation, broadly understood.

Gender and Sexuality

The term Father-Mother God is metaphorical; God is unsexed, not androgynous. Expectations for human sexuality (including homosexuality) emphasize the emulation of biblical and spiritual standards and patterns. Chastity, marriage, fidelity, and equality of the sexes are strongly supported.