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Religion Library: Christianity

Sacred Narratives

Written by: Beth Davies-Stofka Jesus and the earliest Christians were devout Jews, Christianity shares a great deal of the worldview of Judaism. Among the many Jewish scriptures found in the Christian Bible is the Book of Genesis, which includes the sacred story of the creation of the universe and the fall of humanity. The Book of Exodus relates the sacred story of Moses and contains the Ten Commandments. Christian Bible also includes the stories of the prophets of Israel, in whose words Christians see the life and death of Jesus foretold. These scriptures, written before the time of Jesus, are included in the Christian Old Testament.

The New Testament is that portion of the Christian Bible that was written after the time of Jesus' death. The New Testament includes the Gospels, which relate the sacred story of the life and teachings of Jesus. Historically the Church has believed these stories to be literally true. In modern times, some Christians have viewed them as being symbolic. title page of the Holy Bible (printed in 1791) Source: Public DomainBut they are sacred to all Christians because they reveal God's plan for humanity, which includes salvation and eternal life.

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke contain infancy narratives, the stories of the birth and youth of Jesus. According to the story told in Matthew, Jesus' mother, Mary, was a virgin betrothed to a carpenter named Joseph when she discovered she was pregnant.the annunciation: an angel reveals to Mary that she will give birth Source: Joseph was going to leave her quietly, but an angel came to him in a dream and told him not to be afraid because Mary's unborn child was from the Holy Spirit. The angel then told Joseph to name the child Jesus and said that the child would save the people. Joseph did what the angel told him to do.

the magi visit the infant Jesus Source:'s Gospel says that Jesus was born in Bethlehem during the reign of Herod, King of Jerusalem. A group of magi (Eastern astrologers or wise men), came to Herod's court, saying that they had seen a star in the sky that, to them, was a sign that the king of the Jews had been born. Upon hearing this, a jealous King Herod slyly told the magi to seek the child and report back. Following the star to Bethlehem, the magi stopped at the place where Jesus was staying. Seeing the child with his mother, the magi were overjoyed and worshipped him. They gave him presents of gold, incense, and myrrh. They then returned to their home without alerting Herod as to the child's location.


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