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Sacred Narratives

Early Restorationists believed that the Christian church had gradually deteriorated from the ideal state of the original apostolic faith. The term "Restorationist" refers to the commitment to restore the church to its original, or primitive, form.

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

Generally Disciples do not engage in speculative theology, including speculation about the Trinity or the ultimate nature of a triune God. Creeds and doctrines are seen as divisive, especially when used as tests of faith.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

Disciples believe in the immortality of the soul. They reject the doctrine of original sin, but teach that all people have a sinful nature that is redeemed by Christ's sacrifice.

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Rooted in the early American Restorationist cause of reuniting the Christian churches, present-day Disciples teach that finding common ground will help end suffering and injustice.

Afterlife and Salvation

Disciples promote an ideal of liberty and freedom in biblical interpretation and Christian belief. A personal faith in Christ as Lord is the only requirement for salvation.