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Rituals and Worship

Sacred Time

Sacred time in Lutheranism is organized on an annual calendar of Festivals, Special Days of Devotion, Lesser Festivals, and Commemorations that celebrate important events in the life of Jesus and his disciples, and important people and events from the history of Lutheranism.

Sacred Space

Lutheran sacred space, especially worship space, is more similar to the worship space of Roman Catholicism than the worship space of other Protestant denominations.

Rites and Ceremonies

One of the most profound changes Luther made in the rituals of Christianity was in the sacraments. Lutherans have two, in contrast to the seven of Roman Catholicism, and the theology used to understand what they mean differs significantly from the sacramental theology both of Roman Catholicism and of many other Protestant denominations.

Worship and Devotion in Daily Life

Lutheranism ushered in a change in the organization of everyday life. The shifts found in Lutheranism are largely the result of Luther's idea of a "vocation" or "calling" and the influence of pietism.


Lutheran symbolism resembles that of other Christian denominations. Of the Protestant denominations it remains perhaps the closest to Roman Catholic symbolism.