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Sacred Narratives

The Oriental Orthodox churches share the same set of biblically based sacred narratives as other Christian denominations, although stories about the foundation of individual churches are also important.

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

God, the Supreme Being, is One although this being is understood as manifesting three forms. Debates about the nature of this Trinity brought about the separation of these churches.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

Created in the image of God, the purpose of the individual’s existence is to use one's inherent capacities to conform to God's will and eventually achieve a salvific union with God.

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Human beings have been endowed by God with freewill. Therefore, the presence of sin and evil in the world is not the result of some external agency.

Afterlife and Salvation

Those who live according to God's expectations as expressed by Christ through the Church to be able to participate in an eternal union with God after death.