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Ethics and Community

Community Organization

Every Church of Scientology is a central point from which the Church's many community and social improvement activities are coordinated.


Those trained to deliver Scientology ceremonies and other spiritual counseling are referred to as ministers. The Church of Scientology also coordinates the work of many lay volunteers and staff members whose activities include proselytization, ecclesiastical management, relay of communication, and the publication of materials.

Principles of Moral Thought and Action

L. Ron Hubbard authored both a moral code to promote positive conduct and discourage destructive actions, and a more detailed system of ethical conduct to which Scientologists are expected to adhere.

Vision for Society

Concerned about the pervasive problems of modern society, the Church of Scientology has developed a set of programs to reform society. The Church and its members are committed to helping others and so provide assistance through a wide range of activities.

Gender and Sexuality

Because people are spiritual beings, gender is not an issue in Scientology. There are no limitations based on race, gender, ethnicity, or other similar criteria for individuals who serve as ministers or as executives in the Church's ecclesiastical management.