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Rituals and Worship

Sacred Time

Scientologists believe that the world emerged billions of years ago and was populated with thetans who have lived numerous past lives prior to their present existence.

Sacred Space

For Scientologists, there are no sacred spaces as such; however, the career of the founder is honored with a shrine-like office in each church facility, and the facilities for upper level training are transformed into palatial settings for the most committed church members.

Rites and Ceremonies

Scientology includes religious ceremonies to recognize events of importance in the lives of its parishioners: weddings, namings, and funerals. The religious ceremonies of Scientology impart a special quality to these occasions.

Worship and Devotion in Daily Life

There is no personal deity in Scientology, so private rituals of worship and devotion are practically non-existent, replaced with diligence in spiritual practice and striving for moral uprightness.


The official Scientology symbol is an S and Double Triangle. The lower triangle is called the A-R-C Triangle: A for Affinity, R for Reality, and C for Communication. The upper triangle is called the K-R-C Triangle: K for Knowledge, R for Responsibility, and C for Control.