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Sacred Narratives

The creation of the universe came from a single divine command, and human history has been helped along by divine compassion. God sent Guru Nanak to save a world lost in spiritual and moral confusion.

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

Kartar, the universal creator, is the only divine being. In his aspect as Universal Preceptor (Satiguru), he reveals perfect knowledge, which can be gained through interaction with the teachings of the Gurus and in communal worship.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

According to Sikh belief, human nature is rooted in self-centeredness (haumai), as opposed to the divine consciousness (gurmat) and benevolence (parupkari) that are ideal. Humans exist in Kartar's total will, which pious Sikhs understand and enact in their daily lives.

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Human suffering is caused by ignorance of divine ways and by human self-centeredness. This can be overcome by human effort, self-reflection, and divine grace (gur-prasad) through the Guru's teachings. There is no "evil," apart from the failings of human conscience, and neither Satan nor rival divinities exist.

Afterlife and Salvation

Liberation from the constraints of this life is available only through entering into the deep protection (sharan) of the Gurus' teachings. The pious reach the divine court (dargah), the location of true justice, after their human lives are over.