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Sacred Narratives

Mystical interpretations of the Quran and the Shahada, the Muslim testification of faith, provide the basis for Sufi beliefs about the nature of the universe.

Ultimate Reality and Divine Beings

According to Sufi belief, the only Ultimately Real Being is God. This doctrine is called "wahdat al-wujud," or Uniqueness of Being.

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

Sufi training is aimed at disciplining the soul and body in order to return to a more pure state of being, which is pleasing to God.

Suffering and the Problem of Evil

Alienation from God constitutes the suffering of the Sufi, who seeks, by means of spiritual perfection, to see beyond the veil of the Unreal universe and reunite with the Beloved, God.

Afterlife and Salvation

Islam teaches that Muslims are on a path that will bring them close to God in Paradise after undergoing a final judgment. Sufism adds the belief that it is possible to experience the divine presence in this life as well.