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Rituals and Worship

Sacred Time

Unitarian Universalists generally consider all moments as suffused with the sacred. In terms of ritual, congregations typically meet on Sunday mornings, and they celebrate versions of Protestant Christian, American, and other holidays as part of a liturgical year.

Sacred Space

As with sacred time, Unitarian Universalists hold all space as sacred. Most congregations meet in church buildings that exhibit a variety of architectural styles. Many Unitarian Universalists also find that nature and the environment offer a special sense of the divine.

Rites and Ceremonies

Sunday services often feature the lighting of a ceremonial chalice, and the sharing of congregational "joys and concerns" to the lighting of additional candles. Unitarian Universalists mark the life cycle with infant dedication ceremonies, weddings, and memorial services.

Worship and Devotion in Daily Life

Contemporary Unitarian Universalists draw their practices from a variety of traditions, often turning to various forms of prayer, meditation, or yoga. Not all Unitarian Universalists engage in daily practices, and many seek unique ways to imbue the everyday with sacred significance.


The main Unitarian Universalist symbol is the flaming chalice, a ceremonial cup topped by a flame, surrounded by two overlapping circles that represent the two traditions. Other symbols use variations of the emblems of the world's religions.