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Unfundamentalist Christians

An Election Reflection: Why Politics Is Personal

When you grow up in the shadow of Washington, you know this. Politics is personal.

Grace is Messy

Don’t Kick the Catfish: Thoughts on the 23rd Psalm

When I was fifteen, we took our annual trip to the beach. There I was, in stupid teenager Heaven, taking in the sights, when I walked up on a dead catfish. In all the years we spent camping at the beach, I’d caught my fair share of sea cats. The little devils are basically worthless, but they put up a heck of a fight from the piers at Panama City and Gulf Shores.I stood over the carcass of this dead fish, as it swelled in the sun. I was barefoot and bored, so I did the next logical thing for a stupid teenager.

Jerseygirl, JESUS

Frying Pans From Heaven: When A Transgender Person Sends You An Email…

Sometimes, a call to ministry is a soft whisper, a leaning of the heart, a gentle voice that pushes you forward toward a choice of vocation, or school, or activity. It’s a beautiful process, an awakening of the soul to one’s purpose, and it’s something for which we should praise God. Sometimes, God is gentle [Read More...]

The Thoughtful Pastor

When an “Anyone but Donald” is Married to an “Anyone but Hillary,” Part Two

We are not talking much about politics these days. I look at the stuff slanted my way; he looks at the stuff slanted his way. But we’ve both got problems.

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