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Editor's Picks

Kimberly Knight

I Admit It, This Homosexual IS Demanding Special Rights

When some people have rights, and others don't, those rights become special. And yes, in that way, LGBTQ individuals demand special rights.

Formerly Fundie

S%#t I Wish (Some) Atheists Would Stop Doing (And Saying)

Sometimes Christians make it hard to build bridges-- but the same can be said of some atheists.


10 Ways to Care for Someone (When Nothing Will Fix It)

It's human nature to want to fix things when we see others hurting-- but often, "fixing" it isn't an option. Here's 10 things to try instead.

Jeff Hood

Esteban Santiago Should Have Been Helped.

Long before Esteban Santiago took out his gun and began shooting, the system had a chance to prevent this mass shooting-- and the system failed.

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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