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Editor's Picks

What is the Future of Progressive Christianity?

Progressive Christianity—drawing together mainline Protestants, emergent Christians, and post-evangelicals—gathers its strength from a new vision of the world, one defined by justice and wholeness. The challenges, however, are many: cultural, theological, environmental, and institutional. Read what more than a dozen thought-leaders believe the future holds for this movement!


Nomads, Indians, and Saints: A Generation in Search of Real Christianity

Many Millennials are actively looking for a community in which to practice their values; they simply don't know where to find one.

Rhetoric, Race, and Religion

Progressive Christianity and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Is the Black Lives Matter movement a blessing for the church?

Brian McLaren

A Desirable Future for Progressive Faith: Three Conversions Required

In light of the history of belief-system Christianity we have good reason, if not a moral summons, to consider a conversion that places a Christ-like way of life in the center.

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Brian McLaren on Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World

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Beyond the Either/Or God with the Rev. Yvette Flunder

Stanley Hauerwas on Prayer

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