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Thanksgiving with Jesus: Don't Get Too Attached to Your Seating Chart

With Jesus, what’s on the table, is not as important as who’s at the table. And it’s not really a party til everybody’s home.

Faith Forward

It's Your Life, Your Chance: A Letter to My Son after Ferguson

As Michael’s parents struggle to give his life back to the Creator, Malcolm, I give your life back to you. Your mere existence causes my spirit to wait for rainbows even when humanity’s forecast offers only clouds for the foreseeable future.

Faith Forward

Recognizing God in Ferguson

If you cannot see Christ in Michael Brown and in those protesting his death, you are not getting it. By “it,” I mean the Christian faith.


Justice Is Possible #Ferguson

After all was said and done last night, my soul conjured the thought of the possibility that racial justice in America will forever and eternally be a possibility. A world without end. 


Thanksgiving and a Theology of Despair

Are you feeling pressure to be thankful? Well, call me the Scrooge of Thanksgiving, but I’m just not feeling thankful. The more someone tells me to “Be thankful!” the more I feel a sense of despair.

Faith Forward

A Spiritual Path to Gratitude

Brother David Steindl-Rast has contended that gratitude is foundational to a healthy spiritual life. If that is true, then how might we expand our capacity for gratitude?


You're Hurting Me With Your Bible

To have anti-gay views is inconsistent with the message of the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus. It is time to take a high view of ‘God’s word’. It is time to reclaim the real meaning of unconditional love.

Christian Piatt

Putting Jesus in My Boots #MyJesusProject

I have to wonder what Jesus would do if he was air dropped into my life, here and now. Today.

Christianity is Changing

A Word from The LORD

America, listen to me: If you live by the gun and the bomb, you will die by the gun and the bomb. I weep for you my beloved country, my precious people. Please, please wake up and change your ways before it is too little, too late.

Christianity for the Spiritual but Not Religious

Happify and Changing Our Brains

Can the “brain’s plasticity” be used to create a better, happier life?

Book Club

Is Your Ministry an Energy Consumer or an Energy Releaser?

All church plants and ministries start with exothermic expectations. Most end up endothermic. What goes wrong along the way?

What God Wants For Your Life

It's Not All About You: A Response to Godless In Dixie

The logic that things only exist or have importance if they “speak to me” is an astoundingly narrow way to read the world around you.

Emerging Voices

Psalm of Lament (Cries of the Unheard) #ferguson

God, put an end to white supremacy; Avenging God, show up! Insurrecting God, unravel the venomous cords of racism from the core of our democracy. How long, Lord, will the racially unconscious remain comfortable in their blindness? The domination system pours out arrogant words and policies barren of empathy; The domination system crushes the unheard; [Read More...]

Progressive Christian Video Gallery

Frank Schaeffer and Brian McLaren: Conversations about Change

John and Catherine Shore: NALT Christians

Brian McLaren on Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World

Video Courtesy: Jericho Books

Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass and Others on Progressive Christianity

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions

Beyond the Either/Or God with the Rev. Yvette Flunder

Stanley Hauerwas on Prayer

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions