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Remembering Marcus Borg

Marcus J. Borg, beloved husband and father, renowned teacher, author and leading scholar of the historical Jesus, New Testament and contemporary Christianity, died on January 21, 2015. Our bloggers remember the man who was a hero to Progressive Christianity.

The View from Dixon Hall

Damn, Barack...

By the end of his 6500 word speech, I had only one thought: “Where the HELL have YOU been for the last six years?!”

Edges of Faith

Making Room at Christ's Table: The Gift of Progressive Christianity

It worries me when I see progressive Christians fighting for what the right way to believe is rather than making joyous room at Christ’s table for the rejected.

The God Article

If You Aren't a Little Bit Agnostic, You Might Not be Progressive

I believe there is most probably a God. But faith itself insists that God’s existence is not provable – that’s why it’s called faith.


Trust Me, Church: Five Micro-Resolutions That Make a Big Difference

In this first part of a series called Trust Me, Church, Erin Lane explores the small things a church might fix to attract milennials like herself.


Hard To Kill: More on the Mega-Multisite Church from Ruth Graham

Ruth Graham is over at Slate today talking about the aftermath of the Mars Hill multisite dissolution – and the continued momentum of both the individual churches and Mark Driscoll’s ministry. She’s basically saying: multi-site megachurches are hard to kill. In her words: [T]he bottom line is that while the central organization may be dead, [Read More...]

Unsystematic Theology

Will the Hidden God Ever Show Up?

One of the great questions of modern theology is the problem of the hiddenness of God. Where was God when…(fill in the blank)? Why doesn’t God…(fill in the blank)? Why does God seem to…(fill in the blank)? Why doesn’t God answer my prayers for…(fill in the blank)? Some of us ask these questions often. Others [Read More...]

Public Square

We're All in This Together: A Revolution of Peace

To recognize that "we are in this together" is a practice of peacemaking, and one way to "cultivate a passion for what one human being owes to another." 


Jesus Blog: You Are Loved, Exactly As You Are!

More today from my Saturday “Jesus Blog” – a word from Jesus to you… My friend, I want you to know that God loves you exactly the way you are. Exactly. You may have been told you have to change before God will embrace you. You’ve been given a list of conditions before you can be a child of [Read More...]

Emerging Voices

A Changed Life

  Dreaming is surely a way of seeing, of seeing with the mind’s eye. More than that, it is the soul’s perception of the world, it is an exposure made by the imagination, an involuntary record, a spiritual index, if you will. Do you know, I have been dreaming of the river that runs below. [Read More...]

Progressive Christian Video Gallery

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present "Unbroken"

Frank Schaeffer and Brian McLaren: Conversations about Change

John and Catherine Shore: NALT Christians

Brian McLaren on Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World

Video Courtesy: Jericho Books

Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass and Others on Progressive Christianity

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions

Beyond the Either/Or God with the Rev. Yvette Flunder

Stanley Hauerwas on Prayer

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions