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That Time When a Terrorist Attack Struck the Olympic Games

Both Ryan Lochte's clumsy cover story and the media's initial credulous acceptance of it reveal our willingness to assume the worst about South America as opposed to our more civilized society here in the "real" America. That's ironic when we remember what happened when the Olympic Games were hosted here in America, in Atlanta, in 1996.

Unfundamentalist Parenting

6 Things I Wish Christians Would Stop Doing

As a parent, there are many things I love about Christianity and want my children to fully embrace as they get older. But I also don't want them to pick up some of the bad habits Christian culture has a tendency to instill, and here are 6 things I wish Christians would stop doing.

Knack For Noticing

The Green-Eyed Monster

I know that you, like me, have never been jealous of anyone else’s life, possessions or accomplishments either. That would be totally beneath us.

Zach J. Hoag

10 Things I Want You to Know About the New Charismatics

There is a groundswell taking place, a grassroots Christian movement if you will, that centers on renewing charismatic and Pentecostal faith for the twenty-first century. And I think this movement just might be the most exciting area of emergence in the American church today.

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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