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Faith Forward

For Now, Young Black Males Matter ... Until the Cameras Go Off

These young brothers that you see on the streets will do whatever it takes to keep the attention going and the cameras rolling, because for now, they matter.

Mercy Not Sacrifice

Gated Communities and the Black Bogeyman That Haunts Us

Racism more often takes the form of a secret fear of the generic black bogeyman in our heads who is probably nothing like the black people we actually know and love personally.

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

Archdiocese of Cincinnati: Say No to Ice Bucket Challenge

This afternoon, WCPO in Cincinnati, OH, reported a story with the headline: Archdiocese of Cincinnati douses enthusiasm for ice bucket challenge in Catholic schools. I was incensed.

Formerly Fundie

Why We're Still Unwilling to Admit to Systemic Racism in America

We cannot begin addressing this problem until we’re willing to admit this problem exists.


Love Anyway: A Mom's Thoughts on First Days

Of all the moms I am—and believe me, I do not always like the mom that I am–I never want to be the mom who tells my kids not to love too much.


Jesus and 50 Shades of Grey

Friends, I want to submit that our society suffers from a collective Borderline Personality Disorder writ large on a massive, macro, scale. 

Christian Piatt

Five Reasons Post-Christianity Is Good for Us

Why the decline of Christianity in the western world is actually good news for Christians.

Teaching Non-Violent Atonement

David's Sling: Israel and Intrepeting Biblical Violence

If we think the story about David’s sling justifies violence against our enemies, we miss the point of the biblical story.


The Restlessness of Ordinary Time

In Ordinary Time we are encouraged to wait. And we become more and more aware that so much of the Christian life is about learning to wait well.

Sarah Over the Moon

I Know God Because I Know Feminism

By creating new and reaffirming old, diverse symbols for God, I can break down the idol of God As Male that has stood for far too long in our churches.

Why I Still Talk to Jesus - In Spite of Everything

McLaren and Schaeffer Get Frank about Faith: A Video Q&A

Live from the Wild Goose Festival, Brian McLaren and Frank Schaeffer get real about what is means to be a Christian in the world today.

Progressive Christian Video Gallery

When the Game Stands Tall - Official Trailer

Frank Schaeffer and Brian McLaren: Conversations about Change

John and Catherine Shore: NALT Christians

Brian McLaren on Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World

Video Courtesy: Jericho Books

Marcus Borg, Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass and Others on Progressive Christianity

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions

Beyond the Either/Or God with the Rev. Yvette Flunder

Stanley Hauerwas on Prayer

Video Courtesy: Living the Questions