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Faith and Aging

The gradual aging of American society has triggered wide and disparate conversations about Social Security, euthanasia, elder care, medical attempts to prolong life, and the attempt to attain immortality. The challenges of growing old are abundant and often frightening. How can we grow old gracefully? What do our faith traditions offer in support of this part of the life experience? How do they interpret the journey toward death?

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Side-by-Side Religion Comparison Tool

The Side by Side Lens allows you to create an easy to read comparison chart for up to three differing religious traditions.

Capitol & Cathedral

Can ‘Elf on the Shelf’ teach kids about Jesus?

Elf of the Shelf cannot teach children about Jesus. It is a consumerist heresy that conflates Santa Claus with the true meaning of Christmas.

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Convention of States

Why is the government forcing gas stations to sell tofu?

We need a long-term solution to federal overreach.

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Science On Religion

Overworked? Try a little ritual

Human ritual is an evolutionary product of the behavioral instinct for play. Without that instinct, we might work ourselves to the bone.

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Religion Now

Love Trumps Nothing

By Kyle Sebastian Vitale. With the November elections, as with so many recent social conflicts, the word love has re-entered our national lexicon. Hashtags, t-shirts, and protests announce that “Love Trumps Hate.” Hurting voters express love for the refugee, the Muslim, the LGBTQIA+ through moving Facebook posts. Meanwhile, President-Elect Trump claims electoral victory to the [Read More...]

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Religion Q&A

What does Christianity say happens to believers after death?

PAULA’S QUESTION: When people say their loved one went to heaven, why doesn’t the preacher tell them that no-one goes straight to heaven? If they did, what would be the reason for the resurrection? THE RELIGION GUY’S ANSWER: Christian doctrine says that after death a believer’s soul enters the presence of God in the blessedness [Read More...]

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World Religions: An Introduction to Five Major Traditions

Introduce your students to basic information about the world's largest religions - their origins, history, beliefs, and practices. Use this guide to Patheos' resources as you plan a learning unit around world religions.