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Back to School: Homeschooling and the Public Education Quandary

The summer rhythms have finally come to an end, and the kids are back in school. Or maybe they’re not. Maybe they’re studying in your family room. The challenges of public education and the political rhetoric around it have driven many parents to choose to educate their children on their own. How do faith choices shape this conversation? Is public education a threat to family values? Is homeschooling a choice of opportunity or fear?

Featured Panelists

Why Pagans Homeschoool

Bekah Bell
Syncretic Hellenic Pagan, blogger, Hearth Witch Down Under

Education in the Home: Soul-Crafting and Glory

Michael Brooks
Instructor of Religion and Education, Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee

Homeschooling and Adventures in Filmmaking

Tracey Burns
Financial Manager, Burns Family Studios

Forbid Them Not (an Education)

Rachel Coleman
Executive director of the Coalition forResponsible Home Education

Reclaiming the Narratives: The Structure Behind Homeschooling

Mary Sue Daoud
Foreign English Language and Literature Teacher

Home Education: A Values Proposition

Michael Farris
Chancellor of Patrick Henry College and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association

Homeschool Regulation and Religious Liberty

Carmen Green
Co-founder of the Center for Home Education Policy, Lawyer at Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Homeschooling: Freedom, Opportunity, and Yes, Diversity

Phil Greendyk
Freelance Writer, Operations Manager, Seminary Student

Homeschooling When You're the Reason the Right Wing Homeschools

Melissa Hill
Druid Priest, Writer, Artist

Homeschooling: A Diversity of Stories

Nakia Jackson
Journalist, Homeschooling Mom

Getting an Education: Learning about the World as It Really Is

Peter Jones
Reformed Evangelical Pastor, Author

Beyond the Voices of Fear: It's for the Children

Sara Jones
Author, Blogger, Homeschool Mom

Proactive Homeschooling

Steven R. Perkins
Public School Teacher, Author

Stewarding Our Children's Education

Rev. Sam Rodriguez
President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Roots and Wings: Community and Strength

Saira Siddiqui
Freelance Writer, Blogger at Confessions of a Muslim Mom

Putting Children First: Rejecting a One-Size-Fits-All Mentality

Ryan Stollar
Executive Director of Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out

Confessions of a Converted Homeschooler

Jennifer Woodruff Tait
Episcopal Priest, Managing Editor for Christian History magazine

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