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Is Faith Rational, Irrational, or Arational?

The tension between faith and reason is most prominent in Christian circles, but is to some degree a factor in every contemporary religious expression. Some argue that faith is a reasonable approach to reality, whereas others might argue that it must be a blind leap that transcends reason, and still others argue that it has no relationship to reason whatsoever. What does your faith tradition teach about reason and belief?

Featured Panelists

Is Disbelief Rational?

Tom Gilson
Author and Senior Editor of The Stream

Both Faith and Reason Have Fallen on Hard Times

Barry Harvey
Professor of Theology, Baylor University

The Role of Faith in Being Reasonable

Anne Jeffrey
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of South Alabama

Faith Undergirds All Reason

Andrew Kaethler
Assistant Professor, Catholic Pacific College

Rational Faith: More Working Hypothesis Than Logical Proof

Leah Libresco
Author and Blogger, Unequally Yoked

Real Religion Doesn't Know

David Mason
Associate Professor at Rhodes College

Faithfully and Passionately Peeking

Keith Putt
Professor of Philosophy at Samford University

Rationality and Faith: Where the Human and Divine Meet

Karen Rubin
Artist and Blogger, Companions on the Journey

Faith and Reason: A Jewish and Philosophical Basis

Yoel Schaper
Co-founder of ThinkSinai and Project manager at the Institute forJewish-Muslim Action

Faith: The Other F-Word

Bob Seidensticker
Author and Blogger, Cross Examined

Approaching the Unthinkable Thought of God: Faith as Super-rational

Erick Sierra
Associate Professor of English, Trinity Christian College

Religion: Divorced from the Hallmarks of Rationality

Roy Speckhardt
Executive Director, American Humanist Association

Faith and Reason Wrestle with Santa Claus and Curtain Aurora

Peter Thulson
Kindergarten Teacher, Denver, Colorado

Faith Is Rational: An Invitation to Consider the Possibility

Carson Weitnauer
Author, Business Manager of Christian Apologetics Alliance

The Divine Hug: Beyond Faith or Reason

Tarn Wilson
High School Teacher, Author

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