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Major Trends in Religious Traditions

This summer, Patheos has been hosting a 12-week series of conversations on the topic of "current religious trends." Each of the first eleven weeks has been dedicated to a trending topic or question in one of the communities represented by our Faith Channels. As much as ever, the world is deeply enmeshed in the matters of religion. During this final week of the series, some of our regular contributors to identify and comment on the issue of greatest import as they understand it.

Featured Panelists

A Christianity Co-opted by Individualistic, ExclusivistFaith

Marcus Borg
Author; Canon Theologian at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

The Coming Secular Era

Adam Lee
Author; Activist; Atheist Blogger, "Daylight Atheism"

A Broken, Brave New World

Greg Forster
Program Director, Faith, Work and Economics, Kern Family Foundation

Will Technology Shape Your Identity and Your Faith?

Marcus Goodyear
Editor of "The High Calling"; Director of Digital Media for the H. E. Butt Foundation

The Collision: Enforced Religion Meets the Internet

Paul Fidalgo
Communications Director; The Center for Inquiry; Atheist Blogger, "iMortal"

Ophelia's Funeral: Suicide and the Church

Thomas McDonald
Freelance Writer and Editor; Catholic Blogger, "God and the Machine"

Beyond Argumentation: A Call for Art and Activism

Neil Carter
Teacher; Atheist Blogger, "Godless in Dixie"

Polytheism Is the Future

John Beckett
Coordinating Officer of the Denton Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans; Pagan Blogger, "Under the Ancient Oaks"

Heal Thyself, Christian: Distinctiveness Starts at Home

Chris Armstrong
Author; Director, Institute for Faith and Vocation, Wheaton College; Senior Editor, Christian History magazine

Indifference, Not Skepticism, Is the Issue

Robert Hunt
Director of Global Theological Education at Perkins School of Theology, SMU

What Isn't Optional: Healing the Church and Saving the West

Ben Conroy
Columnist with The Irish Catholic;Intern at the Iona Institute

Race, Religion, and Human Rights

Padma Kuppa
Activist; Blogger, "Seeking Shanti"

Mormonism in an Expanding World

James Faulconer
Author; Professor; Academic Director of BYU's London Centre

Evangelization—Two Birds With One Stone

Pia de Solenni
Blogger, "Pia de Solenni"

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