My Best Picture Choice: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road

The sheer spectacle of Fury Road is almost on the scale of grand opera; it’s dominated and driven forward by form and design. [Read more...]

Favorite 2015 Discoveries — Evan Cogswell’s List

Evan 2015 Discoveries

This is not a top ten of 2015 list; it is a list of older movies that I watched for the first time this year. [Read more...]

“Feel Better” Movies — Evan Cogswell’s List

Feel Better Part II

I initially planned to balance my selection among different types of films, but then I realized the films that really help me feel better in dark times are offbeat comedies and tragic cautionary tales. [Read more...]

Spotlight (McCarthy, 2015)


Director Tom McCarthy delivers a somber, sobering film which denies any character (or the viewer) the feeling of moral superiority. [Read more...]

Bridge of Spies (Spielberg, 2015)

Bridge of Spies 2

The first half of Bridge of Spies is Spielberg at his finest. [Read more...]

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (2015)


Mustafa is a figure inspired by several religious leaders, and his sayings consist of truisms with which most major religions would agree. [Read more...]