The Criterion Collection: Don’t Look Now

Don't Look Now Criterion Cover

Don’t Look Now (★★★★½) is one of the rarest types of films. Not only is it an unnerving thriller saturated with supernatural themes concerning grief, deceptive appearances, ESP, and acceptance of death, but it is also one of the few films to improve on its excellent source material, the 1971 short story of the same title by Daphne du Maurier. [Read more...]

When Marnie Was There (Yonebayashi, 2014)

When Marnie Was There

“In this world there’s an invisible magic circle. There’s an inside and an outside [....] I’m outside, but it doesn’t really matter.” [Read more...]

The Lesson (Grozeva and Valchanov, 2014)

THE LESSON - Still 6

Seemingly harmless misdemeanors affect entire communities. [Read more...]

Belle and Sebastian (Vanier, 2013)

Film Belle & Sebastion realise par Nicolas VANIER © Eric TRAVERS

Evan Cogswell gives 4/5 stars to Belle and Sebastian: “Great Pyrenees are beautiful dogs, and the one the filmmakers got to play Belle is absolutely elegant.” [Read more...]

Batman Begins (Nolan, 2005) — Ten Years Later


So the question becomes: how does Batman Begins hold up in a post-Avengers world? [Read more...]

(Dis)honesty: The Truth About Lies (Melamede, 2015)


A famous G. K. Chesterton quote states, “Men do not differ much about what things they will call evils; they differ enormously about what evils they will call excusable.” [Read more...]