Something Wonderful for YOU During Breast Cancer Awareness Month!




Shared this month are  the works of esteemed guest bloggers and friends like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Larry Burk of the International Society of the Study of Dreams and Dream Diagnosis of Cancer, David Dibble of DreamWorks & the Panacea Community, and many more. These respected scholars are sharing their profound messages and tips for healing for YOU. 


My blogs on surviving cancer using dreams, prayers and meditations will be on their blog sites, accessible by their bio, and they will share four articles, blogs and  stories about how to access dreams to uncover the hidden messages relating to cancer and other diseases. This is our way of saying, “We care!” Enjoy.


Introduction: My guest blogger today is David Dibble, creator of DreamWork, host of the DreamWork Global Summit and lead teacher/host of DreamWork Day and the DreamWork Coach Certification Program. David believes most times cancer or any disease is a message that a person has been unwilling in some way to hear or act upon. If one can get the message, in most cases, the disease is no longer necessary. He also believes the message that needs to be heard and acted upon is encoded in every dream. For Breast Cancer Awareness month David and I will be guest bloggers. My blogs will be on his sites accessible by his website and he will share four articles or stories about how to access dreams to uncover the hidden messages relating to cancer and other diseases.



Why Do I Have Cancer! – The Answer Is In Our Dreams (Part 2)


I am going to introduce you to an amazing body of knowledge we call DreamWork. DreamWork will probably expand your thinking on dreams, dreaming and dream work, possibly a great deal. Some of you may feel a certain subtle familiarity with DreamWork. That’s because DreamWork is part of you. It’s part of each of us and has been for as long as humans have been dreaming. 



DreamWork is in our DNA—but not the DNA that is the blueprint of the body. DreamWork is more the DNA of the mind-soul-spirit connection. If you’re one who believes that life is created inside out, first in the mind and then in the physical reality, we can make a case that DreamWork is the DNA of the human experience. Change the inner dream—Change the outer dream—and in the process, raise human consciousness. This is how each and every one of us is preprogrammed before we venture into the schoolroom we call life. 



Dreams are our direct connection with the divine guidance that lives in each and every human being. We call this divine guidance Inner Wisdom, but It might also be called God, Spirit, Higher Consciousness, the One or whatever you choose to call that part of you that is connected to all that is. 



Through this direct connection, each night when we sleep, Inner Wisdom not only reenergizes us for the next day, but we are told what we must know or do to address our greatest concerns in life in real time. Ask yourself right now, What’s keeping me up at night? What’s my biggest problem in life right now? If it is a disease such as cancer, you might want to ask Inner Wisdom what He wants you to know about you having cancer. There is a good chance that if you understand the hidden message that cancer brings with it and take right action, you may have no need for the cancer any longer. 



This dynamic is encoded in each of us prior to coming into a body. It’s purpose is to provide each human being with the divine support to learn as much as possible in a given lifetime.



There is one caveat to this dynamic. It is this. The soul choses how it is coming into a body and how it will leave. These are important learning experiences in the evolution of the soul. If in planning its entrance and exit prior to coming into the body the soul choses to leave via cancer or another disease, nothing can be done. 



The subtle messages and guidance from Inner Wisdom filter up through the mind as dreams. Unfortunately, this divine guidance is normally drowned out by the thinking mind immediately upon waking and throughout the day. However, the messages can be heard in deep meditation or as intuitive “hits” during the day. They can also be retrieved through DreamWork Dream Interpretation. It’s even possible to ask specific questions and receive perfect guidance through a process called Dream Assignments.



For my next article, we will go into how to do a Dream Assignment to ask life’s most important questions and receive perfect guidance in a dream.


by David Dibble



As a guest blogger, I give Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos permission to use, share and post the following blogs. David Dibble 10/2/2013



Guest BIO:

David Dibble, a former CEO of a successful technology company, is an author,  keynote speaker, trainer, consultant, executive coach, systems thinker, and a practical spiritual teacher. He is the creator of DreamWork, DreamWorkDNA, & The Four Agreements at Work, based upon his eight years of work directly with don Miguel Ruiz, author of the best-selling book The Four Agreements. He is the host of the first ever DreamWork Global Summit and the creator and host of DreamWork Day, a global celebration of dreams, dreaming and dreamworkers. David is the master instructor of the DreamWork Coach Certification Program and winner of the prestigious T Award for innovation in coaching. He can be reached at or



BIO: Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos, Intuitive Life Coach, survived three breast cancers, wrote SURVIVING CANCERLAND: Intuitive Aspects of Healing (Cypress House, Jan 2014) websites:  & Access Your Inner Guide, Hosts Living Well Talk Radio , Cancer Q&A columnist CapeWomenOnlineMagazine, Breast Cancer Yoga, Dream Queen columnist- Wellness Woman 40 & Beyond, Your Dream Intrepretation , WakeUpWomen; R.A. BLOCH Cancer Foundation Hotline Counselor. Represented by Steve Allen Media

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