Akashic Records and iCloud: Your Soul’s Download? (AUDIO)

  The ancient Akashic Records and modern iCloud may have more in common than you ever imagined. As we progress deeper into the realm of storing invisible energy in the form of cyber downloads from our computers, smart-phones and other internet related devices are we tapping into a realm on the earth plane that runs [Read More…]

Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #6: Dead Loved Ones and Holidays

Holidays, no matter how big or small, from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter to Christmas, can be difficult times after losing a loved one. Merriment turns to memories that become echos of lost love that shift into sweet sorrow. Embrace those emotions because  grief is just another way of saying “I Love You!” Without love [Read More…]

An RSVP From Heaven For Me?

Have You Ever Received An RSVP From Heaven? We’ve heard, “You’ve Got Mail”, but what about, “You’ve got an RSVP from Heaven”? Since there is no “ping” coming from your computer or smart-phone, how would you even know, if you did get one? Communication comes in many forms from many places and can show up [Read More…]