How to Write A Spiritual Award Winning Book (VLOG)

World renowned and multi-Nautilus award winning author of The Turning Point, Dr. Gregg Braden and the new Nautilus Director Mary Belknap team up in this video to share writing tips and judging information for seasoned, new, and would-be authors. Whom amongst us has never had their faith or existence threatened? To be alive is to be under constant attack at the hands of time. To embrace Faith is to invite challenge. It has been said that if you exist, you… Read more

The Choice Revolution: You Just Have Two! (VLOG Part 2 of 2)

In part 1 of this VlOG we discussed choices, how we make them, why we make them and ended with the story of two women with the same opportunity making different choices that had an impact on their career and faith. Choice is the heart of life. It is primal and binary. Spirituality is enshrouded in choice. To believe or not to believe…now, that is the question of choice…. “Why did you choose to say yes to the telesummit invitation… Read more

The Choice Revolution: You Just Have Two! (VLOG Part 1 of 2)

Choice is the heart of life. It is primal and binary. Spirituality is enshrouded in choice. To believe or not to believe…now, that is the question of choice. You are making one right now by choosing to read this spiritual VLOG on how to make correct choices. Did you just get a brain cramp? Shake it off and keep reading. My guest on the Kat Kanavos Show featured in this VIDEO-Blog posted at the end of this VLOG, is Rico… Read more

Faith: Your Key to Overcoming Crisis (VLOG)

Are you allowing others to drive you off a cliff? It may be time to regain your power by stepping into your faith and taking back the Wheel-Of-Life. Here is a powerful true story to help you get out of the passenger seat of life and into the driver’s seat, again. Faith can be a key. Become the driving force in your life. As some of my readers who follow me on my social media sites may know, I am… Read more

The Screaming Silence of John Planet-Walker:Nautilus Awards Spotlight: (VLOG)

When the struggle to save oil-soaked birds and restore blackened beaches left him feeling frustrated and helpless, John (Planet-Walker) Francis decided to take a fundamental and personal stand—he stopped using all forms of motorized transportation and embarked on a walking quest that spanned two decades and two continents while under a 17 year vow of silence. John’s story is an example of how God works in mysterious ways while the Universe always watches for leaders. What began as a silent… Read more

Angry Death Dreams from India: Please Help!

                          Message  There is no deeper grieving than that experienced between a parent and child, especially a mother and child. It is second only to the grief felt between siblings. But understanding dreams and our life-purpose love-contract with God can help.    This dream was sent to me by email from India concerning death dreams and death warning dreams. I have changed the name of the sender to… Read more

Can a Non-believer Connect with the After-Life?  VLOG

As authors we often write about what we have learned and the people we have met, loved and lost along the road of life in order to connect with the readers through our emotions.  This is especially true for fictional writers because it is important to write what we know, even in a fictional setting. Some people who we admire deeply and may even be mentors might have a very different belief systems from us, or may have none at… Read more

Infinite Possibilities: Is God One of Them? (VLOG)

Do you think God is waiting for an invitation to guide us through our political and societal mayhem, or do you think God is watching to see if we can solve all the problems of the world alone? Political Policy and Environment Issues have become emotional button-pushing daily buzz- words that elicit immense emotion from audiences around the world. When did this cycle of societal mayhem happen, or has it always been a part of the human rat-race? But, most… Read more

Political Correctness for Christmas? Bah-Humbug!

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”~ John Lydgate  “Want to start a conversational nuclear war?  Just say Merry Christmas in a crowded room of strangers. Men will rant, women will scream and children will cry at the very thought that such a crude statement, so insensitive to all the other religions potentially present, … Read more

Gratitude: Your Mind-Set Game-Changer

“There is nothing more life changing than gratitude. This I know for sure.” ~Oprah Winfrey Nightmares are blessings in disguise, and a call to action from our Inner-guidance which is a gift from God.I immediately gave thanks for the Divine intervention. And, that brings me back to here and now, at the hospital —pissed off and panting! “Thank you, God for guiding me! I can’t do this alone,” I thought. Then, the power of gratitude flowed into intention which began… Read more

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