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The Last, Very Last, End of the World. Seriously. No, Really. This One.

The significance of all the rapture rhetoric from Harold Camping isn't that Camping is ... well, probably pretty far gone into senile dementia.And it isn't that, even as far gone as he is into senile dementia, he can still sound fairly sane, by Christian standards. … [Read more...]

Obama’s Speechwriter … sort of

Ever the optimist, I write letters to people.It's been surprising, over the years, the people who have actually answered back. … [Read more...]

Back of the Bus: A Woman’s Place

Get thee behind me, woman!I'd read about gender-separated buses in Israel, and was not happy about it, but ... let it slide. You can't fight every battle.But now I find gender-separated buses happen HERE. In New York City.      … [Read more...]

Short Stack #4

“Faith” is the belief in something for which there is no evidence. Breach the protective barrier in your mind, the barrier that keeps you from believing stuff just because somebody tells you to, or just because you want to, and all sorts of ugly side effects begin to take place. The first is that you become a sucker for the next 50 con men able to convince you of THEIR seductive lie.When there’s evidence, nobody talks about faith. Faith only comes into it when we want to replace evidence with b … [Read more...]

Right of Weigh

Want to guess how this overturned car got that way?          Click the "Read More" link to see it.  … [Read more...]

You’re All Going to Die and Burn In Hell. Again.

Woe, I say woe unto you, heathen masses! Your time has, I say your time has come!Deferred Doomsday Due Friday -- Or Not On May 22, an obviously shocked [Harold] Camping emerged from his home to say he was "flabbergasted" that the Rapture stood him up. But then, a couple of days later, like all good doomsday prophets, he had an answer: May 21 was just the beginning; the Rapture would take a lot longer; the real Rapture will happen five months later on Oct. 21."What really happened this past … [Read more...]