What makes a good preacher?

Effective Christian preachers have a compelling vision of Jesus Christ which they communicate forcefully to their listeners to lead them to view their circumstances differently and to respond with strengthened faith and commitment. (Zuck, R. B. (1996, c1994). A biblical theology of the New Testament (Page 370). Chicago: Moody Press) … [Read more...]

The end for European abortions?

As an abortion test case goes to Europe "A woman whose pregnancy was wrongly terminated wants the European Court to accept a foetus' right to life. " Pro abortion groups are getting worried! … [Read more...]

The new weapon in crimefighting… prayer

From the BBC Prayer drives down crime! … [Read more...]

Offending for Jesus

Some modern preachers soothe their audiences and don't want to offend them! Not so this old school preacher!"He was always personal also and would say Do not think I am talking about anybody else; but I mean you, and you, and you. . Now you resent this and you will go away and say that you will not come again; but you will. Your own convictions are on my side. You know that what I tell you is true; and that I tell it for your own good; and that you cannot continue to resent it. … [Read more...]

Attention all preachers…..

"Great sermons lead the people to praise the preacher. Good preaching leads the people to praise the Savior." FINNEY … [Read more...]

Is church planting so hard?

Anyone can pioneer a church provided they like people Colin Baron … [Read more...]

Working together

Recently I have started to appreciate more and more the way in which blogging connects us as part of a community. Many blogs, especially those included in The Blogdom of God I now feel connected to.It is great to see a snippet of an idea you publish, linked to and taken up by another blogger and explored. It is a trully useful thing.It just reminds me also of a great saying -"There's no one of us smarter than all of us. "(Carl Brashear of Men of Honours diving locker quote) … [Read more...]

Warnock's algorithm

Oxford Reference Online describes "Warnock's algorithm A hidden-line removal algorithm that is based on recursive subdivision of the scene until areas are obtained that are trivial to compute. The algorithm works because of area coherence. It solves the general problem by avoiding it. If the scene is simple enough to render then it is rendered; otherwise it is divided into smaller parts and the process is repeated."I like the line about solving the problem by avoiding it- my kind of approach … [Read more...]

Gracious exit or bitter rant?

Well which is it to be? After the new King of the Blogshas been appointed and it isnt me what should I say?The new King, eTALKINGHEAD has been so gracious: "To the contenders--or should I say 'pretenders,' as Dr. Adrian Warnock used so freely during these last two weeks: Thanks for giving me a run for my money. Both of your blogs are excellent, and I can see why Hugh Hewitt gave you two the time of day before he even checked me out. Best of luck."How can I be anything but gracious back. … [Read more...]

And you thought I was hard on the word of faith teachers…..

Rev Mike has a problem. People come to his site because he shares a name with a Prosperity preacher. His solution is more extreme than anything I have said here or in my last sermon which touched on issues relating to the word of faith subjectMike says:"To those of you who have come here seeking 'wisdom keys' from a charlatan masquerading as a minister of the gospel, let me share with you Peter's words to Simon Magus in Acts 8:20-23: May your silver perish with you, because you thought you … [Read more...]

Taken for a ride.

From an email correspondent....I get so angry when I hear stories like this. I was in a church two years ago that had somewhat similar teachings. Every Sunday, before taking the offering, there is a short "offering challenge". It's supposed to be a very short teaching about Biblical principles of giving and tithing. Usually, the person giving the offering challenge also gives a testimony about how abundantly they've been blessed (materially) because they've been faithfully giving to God. It … [Read more...]

Taken for a ride by the faith teachers

STL reports: "'So I laid across the hood of a brand new 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue,' Schneller said. 'I never did get it. She would say that I didn't have enough faith, or that there was sin in my life blocking the blessing. It always goes back to you.' " … [Read more...]