Building the Blogdom of God

Discussion still rages on the evangelical outpost's site following a post on this subject.Christian bloggers of the world unite.We need to link to each other. This can be done in our own blogrolls, in an imported blogroll of Evangelical Blogs, my friend at Christweb has put together, or via the two aggregators 'The Blogdom of God' and 'The Evangelical Aggregator'. More importantly than all that though is that we read each others posts and link to them in our blogs regularly. I am not … [Read more...]

New Layout thanks to Spiderman

I will of course at some stage replace the photo of Spiderman, probably with one of myself and the family. But thanks a lot for the new look Spidey! Let me know what you think..... … [Read more...]

Healing Iraq

Healing Iraq:"If you had lived all your life ruled by a tough dictator elevated to the level of a god and then suddenly without warning watched that dictator displayed to the public on tv as a 'man', you probably would have related with my position.The images were shocking. I couldn't make myself believe this was the same Saddam that slaughtered hundreds of thousands and plundered my country's wealth for decades. The humiliation I experienced was not out of nationalistic pride or Islamic … [Read more...]

Law and Grace

Recently I have been preaching on the life of David. Powerpoint files are available for three sermons David the servant king, The strength of the King and The character of the KingThe last one speaks a fair bit about law and the Christians attitude to it.One of my hearers has posed me a question, following being challenged during the sermon to read the 10 commandmentsFurther to your preach on Sunday last I turned to Exodus and read the 10 commadments (no surprises thankfully).One … [Read more...]

A kind of justice…..

BBC NEWS'John Simpson reports "Saddam's capture is an extraordinary melodrama. Ad Dawr, where he was caught, was where he was born, where his appalling stepfather used to humiliate him and beat him. It was a place that he hated. One of his confidantes told me that when he drove past it he would turn his face away, he wouldn't look at it. To be caught there, with a pistol in his possession, yet not kill himself or defend himself, is a remarkable end to an extraordinary life. " … [Read more...]

Christmas through the eyes of a 4 year old boy

Henry was asked today by me to tell the Xmas story. He was asked what happened to Mary and Joseph. He answered 'Mary died and so did Joseph but Jesus didnt' … [Read more...]

spam trap page

Spam Bots go away!!!! Why not visit the spam trap page instead! Or why not Contact Us hereIn theory if we all do this the spam bots will die.In practice I doubt it! … [Read more...]

Two ten year old girls murdered by a school caretaker

The news of the Soham murdersrocked the UK. The verdict today delighted us all. The man who told us the girls both died accidentally in his house has been shown for the liar he clearly was. He will remain in prison and surely in his case life will really mean life. His girlfiend who was not involved in the deaths was also found to have lied to protect him.But perhaps the most shocking thing is that a pattern of allegations of under age sex and rape were made against this man previously. We … [Read more...]

Another 'non intellectual' evangelical blogger.

the evangelical outpost is talking about Breaking Out of the Evangelical Ghetto and how liberals seem to think we have no brain cells to rub together. Well, you can add my name to the list of evangelical bloggers. I am a medic, who has got specialist degree (member of the royal college of psychiatrists) and now work in the commercial world. Of course that is no proof of intelligence- I ought to have learnt how to programme a computer really if I wanted to make serious money in the last few … [Read more...]

The pope approves of 'The Passion'

The pope's view of the Passion: "'It is as it was.' " … [Read more...]

Where do you look for happiness?

Since man fell in the garden, he has too often sought for his enjoyments where the serpent finds his. (SPurgeon)It is unfortunate that many people think being a Christian involves running away from joy. Many believe that having fun is somehow ungodly. The reality is that it is not the search for pleasure that is wrong, it is rather whre we look for such happiness that determines right from wrong.Nehemiah 8:10. states The joy of the Lord is your strength.Spurgeon goes on Oh, to know, … [Read more...]

Watch what you say…..

Thanks ChristWeb "Rudolph's Revenge" is the funniest thing I have seen in a while! … [Read more...]