Older and growing…

Older and growing... Explains these four ways of running a project-which he learnt from Eddie Obeng^ ^ ^ Do you know how to do it? What? - No How? - YesPAINTING BY NUMBERS   What? - Yes How? - YesMAKING A MOVIE   What? - No How? - NoFOG   What? - Yes How? - NoQUEST   Do you know what you want to do? >>>>>>> … [Read more...]

Bringing things together……

Thanks to The Obvious? for pointing these out to me.....A Field-Guide To The Associative Nature Of Our Own Minds.:"The brain has no hard edges; neither does information. There are no gray interior walls to prevent ideas from wandering across the boundaries between and among fields. Many paths of curiosity lead to intellectual, artistic and scientific questioning, and onward to understanding......In academia, and public schools, intellectual fields are guarded turfs or territories that … [Read more...]

Improved Blogdom of God

I have improved the Blogdom of God page layout. You can even search archives of many of the best Christian blogs in one place! … [Read more...]

New Guest Map!

Click on the button on the top right of this screen to add your name, weblog URL, email address and comments to my guest map.We can then build up a map of the world of where you are all visiting from! … [Read more...]

Political correctness protest

I like these lyrics from Semi-Intelligent Thoughts: "I can't tolerate your tolerance When I disagree you take offense Why is it that you can call me names But you get upset when I do the same? You'd better learn to accept my philosophy 'Cause not everyone lives in the world you see So I'll keep speaking my mind and letting my thoughts free And you'll just have to learn how to tolerate me." … [Read more...]

Minister Burnout

How to Avoid Burnout seems to suggest my stats may have been too optimistic: "Eighty percent of seminary and Bible school graduates who enter the ministry will leave the ministry within the first five years. " … [Read more...]

Vote for me!!

Wizbang has got a contest for the best flappy bird blog. I am currently 12th in the competition. (this is coz I used to be a flappy bird!) Most other blogs advertise the contest and ask for votes. I havent done so far but judging by my logs, if you all follow this link and Vote for me I might even win!!! … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened to the Brethren?

Church history always fascinates me. This page I found gives a great introduction to the Brethren?:"The Open Brethren began in the 19th century with a group of British Evangelical Christians who wanted to return to the purity of the New Testament Church. Their desire was to base church practice on the Bible, rather than on the traditions of a particular denomination. Key early Brethren leaders included J N Darby, A. N. Groves, and George Muller. Some of the distinctives of the Brethren … [Read more...]

How wrong is that!

Earlier this week I was home from Inverness, a Scottish city in a total of less than 2 and a half hours (including flight!).Today I travelled from Guildford to home (just the other side of London) and it took me 4 and a half hours!There is something seriously wrong with our transport system. … [Read more...]

Trafalgar Square plinth- likely to remain empty for another 150 years!

ChristWeb has asked for my opinion in a post entitled Trafalgar Square Has Room for Statue Dr. Adrian Warnock is probably more qualified to post regarding this article, and perhaps he will be kind enough to leave a comment and tell me his thoughts. Yahoo! News reported on attempts to choose rather unsuitable works of art to adorn Trafalgar square: "The chosen work of art will stand for about a year on a plinth that was designed over 150 years ago to support an equestrian sculpture that was … [Read more...]


Ok Guys, now is the time with my new comments up and running I would like to find out 1. Is it working? 2. Do all these kind blogroll links mean that people are actually reading this garbage? (Ok, thanks for all those of you that email me I do realise there are some readers out there which never ceases to amaze me!) 3. Can I drive traffic to other peoples sites?So here is your chance, hit comments, tell me about your blog and what you like about this one and away we go. Clean blogs may even … [Read more...]

Terrorism near to home

In these days of a global war on terror, it is worth remembering just how evil it can get. In Northern Ireland the terrorists were living within miles of their victims- part of a divided community who rarely talk. In a set of little known statistics from the times of 'The Troubles' it is worth reflecting that One out of 500 lost their life, and oneout of 50 were maimed or injured. Therewas no single human being in NorthernIreland who didn't know someone whohad suffered. John hume guardian … [Read more...]