The Happy Husband prays again

The Happy Husband honestly as ever reports: "I haven't prayed in nearly two years." but then admits to having prayed properly for the first time this week. … [Read more...]

Jesus the Logicician

the evangelical outpost:: "The scandal of the evangelical mind," historian Mark Nolls in his book of the same name, "is that there is not much of an evangelical mind." … [Read more...]

Praise from an opponent….

It is nice to find a complement from someone who has sworn to try and fix a vote against me (due he says to nothing personal, just his alliance with one of my opponents in the Blog war) So, is Hugh Hewitt just trying to soften the blow when he describes me in his blog as "Very smart and refreshingly candid about his faith."Gee thanks Hugh, I feel better already for the over 100 people you have sent over to the contest specifically with the view for them to vote for one of my opponents without … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King – the autobiography

From time to time, I like to record either thoughts on reading a real paper book (yes they do still exist and get opened from time to time!) or some stirling quotes.In recent months I have done this with Winston Churchill by Roy Jenkins- a truly great biography of a truly great man. I also put together some quote from Does the future have a church? a book by Terry VirgoSo here goes with an overdue post of excepts from the MLK autobiography which I would commend as a good read. More quotes, … [Read more...]

Banning smoking works….

Guardian Unlimited | World dispatch | No ifs, no butts: "California's lung cancer rate fell by over 16% between 1988 and 1997, compared with a drop of 2.7% in the rest of the US. The number of smokers in California fell by 40% in the decade after the first tough measures were introduced, and rates of smoking in the state are lower than in the rest of the US with only 18% of Californians smoking compared with 25% of the rest of the country. " … [Read more...]

Politics and Power laws

Now hears the rub. If power laws occur purely when many people choose between many options, how come they don't apply in politics? In an election under power laws, there should ALWAYS be a front runner by a mile!Maybe there is another factor- competing for a scarce resource thats what thinks: "The scarcity of people's time results in the distribution of links that can be described using power laws." … [Read more...]

Breaking or should that be BENDING the (power) law

Technocrati has found a way of "Breaking the (power) law ". He aims to use maths to find interesting blogs that are not already A list blogs! … [Read more...]

Round 1 to the pro-lifers

The Curate born with a cleft lip has won the right to a juidicial review into the decision by the police not to investigate whether aborting a child late because they had a cleft palate had broken the law. … [Read more...]

Tamasin awaits….

One of the delightful things about children is their inability to wait. My 6 year old knows that Christmas is less than a month away and is thrilled.She also keeps asking me 'Did you win dad?' and can't seem to understand the delay in deciding who is going to be the king of blogs.I think she needs her own blog one day- but maybe I will make her a guest blogger here.Some of my most profound thoughts come from her or Henry anyway.Like this question 'Dad, why does this year seem to be going faster … [Read more...]

New Competition!

Here at my site, things are starting to look a little jaded.....I am aware that there are other blogs out there that are somewhat nicer looking than this one. Here is the challenge....Redesign this blog, without loosing any of its features.The prize- well nothing more than seeing the blog here!Any takers? Email me, and I will email you my blogger template to play around with!!!Why do I suspect that there will be fewer takers for this contest than some of the others!!!! … [Read more...]

One of the judges speaks…..

Its nice to get comments like this about your blog....Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon described this blog as having "an articluate viewpoint, well thought out and lots of supporting linkage" … [Read more...]

Some are more equal than others….

If you want to understand why 20% of people own 80% of the worlds wealth and why one blog has most of the traffic and links then Power laws seem to be a major answer. "Power Law distributions tend to arise in social systems where many people express their preferences among many options. We also know that as the number of options rise, the curve becomes more extreme. "This is fascinating as it appears to be the opposite effect to what we might think. The more blogs there are, the more some … [Read more...]