Confirming certain stereotypes

Woody Allen: 'there are only 3 important things sex and somehow i cant remember the other 2..... … [Read more...]

Can't get no satisfaction…..

Show me a thoroughly satisfied man & I will show you a failure Thomas Eddison … [Read more...]

Psychologists get it right for once!!!

One thing that really irritates me is the way the church seems to like being 50 years or more behind the world. Just as the church is embracing Freudian theory much of the psychiatric world is rejecting it for biological and psychological theories.Freudian theory can produce victims who blame others, and the experiences they have been through for the mess they are in. The essence of all cognitive theories is that we are not controlled by events,but by the meanings we give to events. -ed … [Read more...]

Hey how are you doing ?

Even secular literature has recognised that it is not always best to concentrate exclusively on feelings and has recognised the need to at times ask How are you doing and What do you need to do rather than How are you feeling . (Summerfield, Asylum-seekers, refugees and mental health services in the UK , Psychiatric Bulletin (2001) 25: 161-163)Sometimes the most helpful thing we can do for people is help them to become active- unemployment is associated with early death, divorce, family … [Read more...]

What wrong with the world?

G.K. Chesterton famously said 'I am'Greg Haslam states 'Rebellion against God-qiven authority is the route of our problems' … [Read more...]


The seeds of every man's sins are in my heart." It's something of which we must all continually remind ourselves and one another. The person who declares any given sin to be impossible for him or her has just increased the likelihood of committing it. (Brent D. from PDI) … [Read more...]


"Be killing sin, or it will be killing you." John Owen … [Read more...]


We must study how to convince and get within men Reformed PastorSee the category page for more posts on preaching or visit the sermons page to view or download sermons. … [Read more...]

Tolerating sin

Sin is not only human it is diabolical- Greg Haslam … [Read more...]

How should I relate to God?

The Psalms show the holy spirit's recomended way for us to relate to God. Chris smith … [Read more...]

Prophets go around building peoples hopes up.

Thanks to Greg Haslam for that title … [Read more...]

What do you think of crowds?

Many of us find crowds off putting, scary even. For sure they can sometimes be draining- and even Jesus wanted to get away from them sometimes. But Jesus predominantly had compassion on the crowds, he loved them, and he wept over them. Do we weep when we see a crowd? … [Read more...]