Study Guide

A video and text-based study guide will be built here over the coming weeks and months. Once the book is released, reader questions will be addressed and links to comments on specific chapters from around the Internet will also appear here. For now, just the introductory guide is available.

SESSION ONE – Intro material and Chapters 1 and 4


  1. Christ Has Died! Christ Is Risen! Christ Will Come Again!
  2. The Empty Cross, the Empty Tomb.
  3. Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
  4. Resurrection Neglected?
  5. The Importance of Resurrection in the Bible.
  6. Glimpses of Resurrection.
  7. Resurrection before the Cross.
  8. What Did the Resurrection Ever Do for Us?
  9. Raised for Our Justification
  10. Resurrected with Jesus
  11. Transformed by the Resurrection.
  12. Send a Resurrection, O Lord!
  13. Reviving Prayer
  14. God’s Reviving Word.
  15. A Relationship with the Risen Jesus?
  16. Assured by the Resurrected Christ.
  17. Our Mission from the Risen Jesus
  18. Our Resurrection Bodies.
  19. The Resurrection of All Things