Book Giveaway: The Power of a Man

You Haven’t “Lived” as a Man Until…

You’ve been slapped in public by a beautiful woman.

You’ve raced an expensive European sports car.

You’ve been in grave danger and made it out alive.

You’ve used your “power” as a man to help others for no other reason than you can and it was the right thing to do.

You’ve defended someone who couldn’t defend themselves.

Your wife swooned as she looked you in the eyes and told you how much she respects and admires you.

You’ve felt the “drape” of a fine handmade suit.

You’ve smoked a rich Cuban cigar.

You’ve had a professional shoe shine.

You’ve known the loyalty and companionship of a good dog.

You’ve been a dad (not just fathered a child).

You stayed faithful to one good woman your entire life.

Question: What other experiences do you think enriches a man’s life?

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Stand Up and Be the Man You Were Created to Be!

Rick Johnson tried to fake authentic manhood until he learned an important lesson: A man armed only with a fork in a land of soup doesn’t fare very well.

God gave men incredible power in their masculinity. With humor and honesty, The Power of a Man shows men how to live a life of great significance and healthy masculinity in a world afraid of real men. Johnson demonstrates that:

  • Real men aren’t passive—they wield positive influence to change the world.
  • Real men don’t quit, no matter how tough things get.
  • Real men love, protect, and provide for their wives and children.
  • Real men defy cultural expectations and live by a code of honor.
  • Real men recognize that only masculinity bestows masculinity.

The Power of a Man is about being calm but confident, relaxed but prepared, kind but authentic, and bold but compassionate. It’s about becoming the man you’ve always wanted to be—the man your world needs.



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  • Bill

    Sounds like a great read! Please put my name in the hat.

  • adrienne

    I think so many of your books are such great ideas and really useful. Many of them I think women should read as well. It shows what man are capable of that men can think in the positive functional way, unlike as some may lead you to believe they don’t have it in them. So many of these books are real issues and that these can be read and associated with life right on the spot.

  • Doug Johnson

    We have a government that has taken upon itself the role of man and father. It does neither well and we see the results. It is time for us men to take back what was taken away. They will not just give it to us, we will have to take it from them.

  • Roger Payne

    Very interested in your message. We are a father-starved, brother-starved culture.

  • Lori

    Thanks for encouraging real manhood.

  • Nathan L

    Please put my name in the as well.

  • Nancy French

    I’m not a man, but I wish all men would read this book!

  • Michael

    Whoa, this looks like a great book! I am interested as well.

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  • Kim M.

    I think this would be perfect for my son!

  • Didi

    I have 1 husband, 5 brothers, and 2 brother in laws we could make VERY good use of this resource! :)

  • Miller

    Definitely want to read this book.

  • Jacqueline Dyson

    Raising 4 boys has not been an easy task and now that three of them are teenagers, the challenges of turning boys into men has reached our home. Sometimes we get so busy running one of the boys here or there, sports, school, jobs, church, activities, mission projects, orthodontists, etc. we forget how to enjoy life or what life is even about. We need to slow down, make memories, enjoy what we’ve been given. Men are held in high regard to God and they should be held in high regard in their families too. Can’t wait to read this book and share it with my family of males!!

  • Jamie Martin

    This will open my eyes for sure!

  • Yuna Katz

    I love to give this to my son to read! He would really enjoy this!

  • Elisabeth McClellan

    This sounds very interesting- my brother will love it (me too)

  • Summer-Rain Bussard

    Can I please have my husband read this… Shhh!

  • Rick Johnson

    Congratulations to Jamie Martin for winning our book giveaway! While this contest is now closed, please visit our blog again for more on family life and future giveaways.