Recruiting Ain’t Like It Used to Be

5 years ago I claimed that recruiting and managing today’s volunteers “ain’t like it used to be.” I’m sure that any volunteer manager would wholeheartedly agree. At that time, my dad and I co-wrote a book, The New Breed, a nice little tool equipping volunteer managers and coaches to recruit, train, manage… and even fire today’s volunteers.

Now it’s 5 years later.

Things have changed again. And that’s why we’ve released a brand new second edition of the book. In the last 5 years:

What’s next…. personal hovercrafts?

Today’s leaders are learning to embrace change. That means consistently experimenting with new tools and technology.

One of the popular new tools that nonprofit organizations have found useful is Twitter.

When the flood water destroyed huge parts of Nashville, Tennessee, last May, Rev. Pete Wilson Tweeted a need for volunteers, hammers, trash bags and brooms; and hundreds showed up to start relief work in and around a badly-flooded Nashville. “I love being able to mobilize so many volunteers … so quickly,” said Wilson, who has more than 54,000 Twitter followers. “I love that power of communication.”

This is a brilliant combination of using a current and growing technology, combined with a recruiting principle that works well with today’s “New Breed” of volunteers: “use short term projects to give them a taste of your ministry or organization.”

The New Breed is a tool that helps you mobilize the people you’ve always wanted during these rapidly-changing times.

As an author, I just received a shipment of the SECOND EDITION of this book yesterday and am offering an exclusive sale, 20% off and signed by both authors!


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