Teenager Drugs Parents to Sneak Internet Access

I know that teenagers sometimes don’t like their parents’ rules. Sometimes they even will sneak to disobey. The question is… how far will teenagers go to get their way?

According to a recent ABC News report, a California teenager was so unhappy with her parent’s guidelines, she decided to drug their milkshakes to put them to sleep so she could browse the internet.

And I thought I was bad for sneaking cookies when I was a kid!

The teenager and her friend were arrested on charges of willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food and conspiracy. They were booked into juvenile hall on December 31st.

Happy New Year.

Yes, sometimes parents can be too strict. So what are some realistic guardrails that protect our kids… but don’t squeeze them into rebellion?

What about you?
Do you find yourself leaning too strict or too lenient?

What rules do you enforce with your kids?

Have your kids rebelled against your rules? How did you respond?


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