Hail to the Chief

Dateline: day after election, everywhere, USA     … and another thing, Mister President. Just wanted to say congratulations, shake your hand and all that.   It’s been a long, hard election season, and we voters have done a swell job raising complex questions with no easy answers. Even though we’d like those easy answers [Read More…]

The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

During my senior year of college I started feeling sick. It began with a rough-seas hollow in the bottom of my stomach. Nothing I ate tasted right. Then I began to throw up—involuntarily—on a regular basis. Every day for months I felt nauseous until noon. The doctors hemmed and hawed. Tests were done. It might [Read More…]

How to have a Happy Marriage in 15 Seconds a Day

Gather ‘round boys, and listen in. This here piece of advice I got years ago from Crazy Ned Van der Meyer, an 88-year-old Holstein farmer living on a lushly plowed dirt patch in Custer, Washington. Crazy Ned had fathered six kids and been happily hitched to the same good woman since he was 20 and [Read More…]

Achieving a Success You Never Imagined

How many times have we hoped for a specific type of success, only to have it elude us? We dream of being an Olympic sprinter, a prize-winning surgeon, or a writer of the great American novel. But try as we might, the specific type of success we long for never comes. Sgt. Joe Toye, one [Read More…]

5 Ways to Tell if a Job is a Good Fit

In a downed economy, any job might make a good fit. But many times a leader will want to evaluate a job—either the job he’s in, or a job he’s considering—to make sure it’s a good fit. Over the past years I’ve developed a checklist of 5 ways to evaluate a job. For easy recall, [Read More…]

In Defense of America

The United States gets its share of heat. America meddles too much in other people’s affairs, people say. Live and let live, and keep your neo-colonialist fingers out of other people’s business. True, this country makes its share of mistakes. But, in spite of our collective shortcomings, there is still much to admire in this [Read More…]

What Forrest Guth Never Said from his Foxhole

“Do what youlove, and love what you do.” How many times have you heard that—or a variation of it? The principle abounds in leadership teaching. To be a truly successful leader, you need to discover your passion and operate only from that grid. Spend your days doing what you’re most interested in. Discover your passion [Read More…]

When You’re Torn Between Work and Home

In my profession, part of my job means actually doing my job. And part of my job also means lining up the next job. With book collaborations, I’ve done enough by now that my canon of material usually speaks for itself. But every so often, particularly the more famous an author is who’s seeking a [Read More…]