Okay, you’re visual. Good.   Think of one behavior that’s harmful for you …   Maybe you like to lie around on the couch all day swilling chips and soda.   Or maybe you feel a pull to down the whole bottle of whiskey?   Or maybe you’re at risk to waste time with stupid Internet images.   Here’s the big question: How do you safeguard your life and avoid a harmful behavior?   Years ago I edited several books… Read more

You might have seen it on the Today Show, or Dr. Oz… or if you are a parent of a teenager, you might have caught them watching it on YouTube. It’s not one video, it’s a viral craze that everyone wants a piece of. Right now you can find literally thousands upon thousands of versions of this on the web. I’m talking about The Harlem Shake. The song was released last year, but never gained any attention until the videos… Read more

Today, with the challenges to our economy, it is imperative to teach your children the self-discipline of delayed gratification, particularly economic self-discipline. The ability to wait and save money to purchase whatever we want and need using cash—especially in today’s “gotta-have-it-now,” instant gratification world—will bless your children (and their families) for their entire lives. The recent economic recession caught many people unaware and has resulted in loss of homes, personal bankruptcy, and even the breakup of families. All because people… Read more

This weekend marked the 85th Academy Awards, a time of pageantry and accomplishment, and I’m reminded of when Fred Rogers (1928-2003) won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 Daytime Emmys. His words shed light on the part of any awards show that’s most often rushed. The thank yous.   There was no soft-spoken sweater switcheroo this time. For all his gentle ways, Mr. Rogers was there in black tie and tux, reminding us grownups that his words still had… Read more

Life is difficult. And the things that mean the most in life are the hardest. In fact, anything worth doing is difficult. There’s just no way around it. Unfortunately, quitting is an easily learned habit by young males. We learn early in life to take the easiest route and avoid anything unpleasant. Boys who are rescued too often learn to quit. Then anytime something becomes difficult in life they quit or take pains to avoid it. They become conditioned or… Read more

You’re a brainstorming kind of a guy. I can see that about you.   You’re often in meetings where the boss says, “Okay team, let’s run this up the flagpole and see what we get.”   After that, everyone breaks loose with their ideas. Some strategic. Some idiotic. It typically takes a lot of the latter to arrive at the former.   Brainstorming sessions happen in less formal ways as well. If you’re a family man, you’ll often encounter impromptu… Read more

Ray Arata is a  leadership coach and diversity consultant.  He recently authored the book, Wake Up Man Up Step Up; Transforming Your Wake Up Call to Emotional Health and Happiness.  Here are some questions I had for him and some answers from the book: Q. Does emotional illiteracy (EI) affect every man? A. At some level, EI affects all men. Rare was it for men to have a male role model such as one’s father to show you how to feel your feelings and how… Read more

Who is your favorite Athlete? Scratch that. Who is your least favorite athlete? Sounds like a funny question, but Forbes actually just released a list they compiled of the 10 athletes least liked by Americans! And Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o are at the top of the list. Lance lost all respect when he finally admitted that he cheated on the Tour. It’s pretty hard to like a guy who you’ve seen defending himself, dragging others down with him… all… Read more

By the time a young man has entered puberty he is well aware of the female of our species.  He is aware of the young women around him with every aspect of his consciousness.  He is alert to how everything he does and says reflects in the perception that females have of him.  He is hyper-sensitive to every female’s opinion of him.  His body literally forces him to do things geared to draw the attention of the females around him. … Read more

It’s not Christmas, New Years Eve, or July 4th… it’s a different holiday of sorts here in America; I’m talking about Super Bowl Sunday. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a football fan or not, something about the Super Bowl draws viewers to gather together and watch the big game. Sure, a few skeptics wave their proverbial fists at this occasion, but they are truly the minority in this country. Super Bowl Sunday might have grown to be more American… Read more

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