When Men Don’t Control Themselves

That's My Teenage Son

I love watching football.  I used to love playing it when I was in high school.  Football is an emotionally intensive game.  Most coaches encourage players to play with a high level of emotion because it amplifies a player’s ability to perform.  However, I have noticed a trend among many players today, even professionals.  These [Read More...]

One Simple Switch that Guarantees Results

salt shaker

What’s the best way to ask somebody for something—a way that guarantees results?   It seldom works well to order, threaten, cajole, wheedle, or beg. Studies have shown that the best way to request things of people, inspire them, or motivate them to action is to ask honestly, directly, and clearly.   Could you please [Read More...]

Stogies for Jesus

Cigar smoker

God is at work at City Place Cigar in Lynchburg, VA. Here’s a letter from Bob Miller, the proprietor: Dear Mr. Murrow, I’ve just finished reading “Why Men Hate Going To Church”. In my professional life, I’ve been an executive pastor, restaurateur, marketing and ministry (church planting) consultant and university professor. My wife and I [Read More...]

How to Get More Sex From Your Marriage

Becoming Your Spouses Other Half

I was recently asked to speak at a large men’s conference. Besides speaking from the main stage I was scheduled to give two breakout sessions. One of the breakout sessions was on the topic of my newest book, Becoming Your Spouse’s Better Half. Upon arriving at the venue I discovered from the participant guide that [Read More...]

How to Survive Intense Shelling

Marines on Peleliu

1.  Have you ever experienced intense shelling?   Shelling, in this case, is picture language for when life’s difficulties slam into you one right after another.   In seasons of intense shelling, the pressure never lets up, and the stress is relentless. You feel stuck in the battle, and the battle never seems to end. [Read More...]

Easter Services and Men

Easter Cross

Many churches see their highest attendance on Easter Sunday. The pews are packed with folks who don’t normally come. Many of these infrequent guests are men, dragged to church by their wives and mothers. How can your church make an impact on these skittish men? Of course, you need to get the spiritual elements in [Read More...]

Why You Chose Your Spouse

Becoming Your Spouses Other Half

Did you ever wonder why you were attracted to the person you were, and why they were attracted to you? Not only that, but remember how exciting it was when you first met your spouse-to-be? Life was fun and you felt alive! What was that all about? Harville Hendrix, in his classic book Getting the [Read More...]

How to Successfully Say No

how to say no

Think of all the times when it would be swell to decline a request that comes your way.   Sure, sometimes you absolutely can’t say no. Like, when your boss dumps a mammoth-sized stack of paper on your desk and says get to work or you’ll be fired. Or when you’re watching football on TV [Read More...]