The Problem with Lance Armstrong’s Religion—and how Hugh Jackman’s Silver Candlesticks can help


 1.   Lance Armstrong once believed that since he didn’t have any big-time character flaws, then after he died he could stand boldly before the throne of an all-righteous and almighty God, (if there indeed was a God), and all would be okay between Lance and God.   So, according to Lance, what mattered most [Read More...]

Teenager Drugs Parents to Sneak Internet Access


I know that teenagers sometimes don’t like their parents’ rules. Sometimes they even will sneak to disobey. The question is… how far will teenagers go to get their way? According to a recent ABC News report, a California teenager was so unhappy with her parent’s guidelines, she decided to drug their milkshakes to put them [Read More...]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

That's My Teenage Son

The type of men we are determines the type of men our boys become.  In his book, Man of Steel and Velvet, Aubrey Andelin talks about the importance of men being both strong and tender.  He likens a man’s character to a building having a strong foundation of steel to support the structure; while the [Read More...]

40 Years since Roe V. Wade—what to Know, Feel, and Do

empty onesie resized

I encourage you all not to let this date pass by unnoticed—Tuesday, January 22, 2013.   It marks the 40th anniversary of Roe Versus Wade, the landmark decision by the Supreme Court that effectually makes abortion legal in the USA.   Since the case’s decision in 1973, roughly 50 million abortions have taken place legally [Read More...]

12 Questions to Ask Your Teenager

Dad and Boy talking

One of the biggest complaints I’ve been hearing from parents recently is, “My kid won’t talk with me?” I hear it again and again. Parents want to open the channels of communication in the home, but they can’t seem to get more than one word answers out of their kids. Some of you have read [Read More...]

Can Marriage Today Still Last a Lifetime?

Becoming Your Spouses Other Half

Marriage today seems less binding than a cell phone contract.  A significant percentage of first marriages now fail.  An even greater percentage of second marriages do not last either.  As if the challenges of a first marriage weren’t tough enough, anyone who has been in a blended family will tell you about the myriad of [Read More...]

What Won Babe Heffron’s Respect

4. Jan 25, Babe, Marcus, Bill

Two summers ago I found myself at a book signing event seated alongside seven of the original Band of Brothers, the men of Easy Company who have become symbols of heroism in World War II.   I sat near the tail end of a long table. The men and I were on one side, and [Read More...]

The Common Denominator in 2012’s Top Music


What do most of 2012’s top songs have in common? Take a guess. Sex? Partying? Love? Would you believe… “Heartache”? Yes, the top songs of 2012 had their share of sex and partying, but most of the songs that crawled to the top of the billboard charts echoed a common message: the heartache from lost [Read More...]