I knew parenting could get messy. But I had no idea how messy. Hey, I’m a modern dad. I’ve changed my share of dirty diapers. I’ve been thrown up on. But I wasn’t prepared to deal with two gigantic catfish in my bathtub. In the spring of 2002, I suffered a severe back injury that put me flat on my back for a month. It hurt too much to sleep in my bed, so I spent the better part of… Read more

As grown men we should never underestimate the power of our past to dictate the kind of men we are today. I recently started taking acting classes to improve my speaking and stage presence. Little did I know that an exercise in class would lead me to uncover some startling emotional epiphanies as illustrated by the following story: There was once a young boy who was raised in an alcoholic home–both his mother and step-father were alcoholics. Despite being under… Read more

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