The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

During my senior year of college I started feeling sick. It began with a rough-seas hollow in the bottom of my stomach. Nothing I ate tasted right. Then I began to throw up—involuntarily—on a regular basis. Every day for months I felt nauseous until noon. The doctors hemmed and hawed. Tests were done. It might [Read More…]

I’m a Judgemental Bastard

Whenever you assume, you make an… well… you know the rest. I don’t like the fact that I sometimes jump to conclusions about people. I guess you could really call that “judging people.” I don’t like doing it, but I do it… way too often. I see someone and I immediately stereotype them in my [Read More…]

Can We Put an End to Bullying?

Have you ever thought how much better the world would be if we could get rid of bullying? Don’t hold your breath; that’s not going to happen. Bullies aren’t going away. They never have, and they never will. October is Anti Bullying Awareness Month and I think that it’s a good thing. Too often, bullied [Read More…]

Porn Star Lipstick

While I was eating my cereal the other morning I was looking for something to read.  The only thing I could find was a sales brochure that had came in the mail from a local beauty supply store.  Since I was still half asleep I thought I would look through it and see what kinds [Read More…]

What Teen Girls Learn from Seventeen

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words… perhaps so is a magazine cover. In a world where young girls are overwhelmed with pressure to look pretty and try to measure up in so many ways, it’s amazing to me that parents don’t mind their girls digesting this kind of material. Exhibit A: last month’s [Read More…]

A Guy’s Take on “What Your Husband Isn’t Telling You”

Mutual understanding and communication are the best way to strengthen a marriage. But what’s a wife to do if her husband won’t talk? It is no big secret that most men have difficulty understanding and expressing their feelings. It’s also no surprise that this frustrates women, who tend to be very good at getting in [Read More…]

The Secret Power of a Book Trailer

As publishing houses are putting a greater amount of the responsibility to market books upon authors, more and more writers are producing video trailers to help promote their books.  As we know from the success of “mini-movies” on You Tube that have gone “viral” and been watched by millions, videos are an effective way of [Read More…]

Do You Know What Songs Your Kids Just Downloaded?

Digital Music sales is up 15 percent from last year, and America is on pace to break 2011’s record of purchasing 1.3 billion digital tracks. Let’s face it—American’s love their music. The question is, do you know what your kids are downloading? Let me be clear. I’m not recommending that you become a helicopter parent, [Read More…]