The Truth About You

Last week on my radio show (Hay House Radio), a woman called in and shared that she was being hurt by people repeatedly in her life. In a kind and loving way I asked her why she’d given her power away. I explained to her that she is a creation of the Divine and no one can make her anything less, except her.

This wasn’t entirely true. Even when you give your power away or feel that you are worthless, nothing changes the deepest truth about you. There is nothing you can do to destroy your inherent magnificence. You are drawn from the ocean of the Infinite and your essential nature is pure power and love. At your core, you are and always have been worthy of every good because our Creator doesn’t make creations unlike Itself.

Dark days come when you forget the truth about you and accept superficial, mortal illusions as truths. In those moments, you are as valuable and spiritually whole as ever, but you’re caught up in false beliefs.

Your greatest and most powerful responsibility is to remove the veils of illusion that hang between you and the truth. Become a conscious observer of your thoughts and actions that deny your truth and kindly, lovingly affirm:

None of these things define me.

When you begin to realize that nothing outside or inside of you changes your essence, you can choose to focus on living in a manner that is consistent with the greatest expression of the Divine showing up as you.

When you reach a place of knowing this truth, like you know your name, you’ll possess an inner joy and peace that cannot be shaken. This is heaven on earth.

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