How to live a regret free life

At the end of your life, will you be satisfied and content with how you’ve lived?

The bad news is that unless you discover and abide by your heart’s desires, the answer will likely be no.

The good news is that you’re alive and it’s not too late to create a regret-free life.

Earlier this year, I had the absolute honor of interviewing Bronnie Ware, the author of The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. It was one of the most important and profoundly life-altering experiences I’ve had. I came away feeling as though I’d been given a cheat-sheet for how to live well.

It changed me. To me, this is the most important show I’ve ever done.

In this extraordinary interview, Bronnie shares:

–what will matter most to you at the end of your life

–the importance of letting go and how to do it
–the reason you must put yourself first now
–how to tap into the flow and effortlessly receive your desires 
–what to do when your passion thrusts you outside of your comfort zone
–how to navigate depression
–how to release the past and move on

–and much more

Take what could be the most important learning hour of your life and listen to the whole interview here:

Cynthia Occelli & Bronnie Ware



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