Dear Jasmine: Fire Grounding

Dear Jasmine,

I am very connected to the element of fire in all aspects of my life. I have trouble though at times grounding and I have never really felt a connection to Earth to use it to properly ground. What is the best way for me to ground? Can I find a way to ground using my strong connection to fire?


Fiery Maiden

Image by Haloeffect, CC license 3.0

Image by Haloeffect, CC license 3.0


Dear Fiery Maiden,

There are ways you can ground with fire or find ways to incorporate your connection to it into the grounding process. One way is to visualize the fire and passion inside you slowly extinguishing like a campfire that has been smoldering over night and slowly going out. This can be done as a meditation, having a campfire that is in this stage makes it even better! Another way to quickly do this is to do the good old “Stop Drop and Roll”. It may sound silly, but if you visualize the fire in you being put out quickly with the physical action you can ground it easily. The bonus of this action is that you will be psychically touching the ground and even though your connection to it is not that strong at this time, you are still connecting to it even in a secondary fashion.

This all being said, I feel that this is an excellent opportunity for new growth in your path. I am a firm believer in finding ways to balance out energies as we develop our spirituality. Balancing of the elements is one of them. If you find ways to connect to all of the elements you will be more adept at not only grounding but other experiences in your path. The first step is to figure out which elements you are lacking in. The next step is to figure out how you can better connect to these elements. You obviously know that you have less of a connection to Earth. Some of the best ways to connect to it are to get out in nature, find a tree to sit under, dig your feet into the grass or dirt and just experience it. I recommend the book The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp. She goes into every element in detail and talks about how to use it and balance it out and more. Best of luck to you, and don’t loose that fiery passion!



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