Welcome to Agora!

Welcome to Agora! February 1, 2012

It’s a season of initiation, of burgeoning hopes and new beginnings. Even websites and blogs are not immune to the crisp promise in the sharp morning air. So it’s with a lot of pride and hope I present to you Agora, the new flagship of the Patheos Pagan Portal.

Spring daffodils by Alan Cleaver via Wikimedia Commons. CC license 2.0. In many ways, a lot of the things we do here at Patheos are grand experiments. We take an idea and apply to several different faith communities at once. Sometimes it flies, and sometimes it bombs. One of the challenges of the Patheos Pagan Portal is how to reflect such a diverse, independent and quickly moving community. What may work for Catholics or Mormons doesn’t work for us. We have different desires, different motivations, different needs and different modes of expressing ourselves. In short, we need a more dynamic, open and responsive environment in which to thrive, without giving up some of the tools which makes sites like Patheos valuable.

So after a good deal of cogitation on how to open up, streamline, condense and improve the Patheos Pagan Portal without sacrificing quality, I decided to launch a central hub magazine-style edited blog that better fits the needs of the Pagan community.

So take a look around. Comment on the posts. Check out the different sections. Leave feedback. And if you’re interested in becoming a contributor, shoot me an e-mail at sfoster@patheos.com!

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