UPDATED: Damien Echols Has An Occult Tattoo

Check it out here. Anyone want to try and translate the Theban?

UPDATE: Damien translates, and describes his tattoos as talismans:

These I designed myself – the talismans (points to tattoos). This is what I do, not something like portraits. I have four of these of my own design. Three on my arms and one on my chest. They’re designed for different purposes. This one, for example, is for protection, the Archangel Michael. This one is for success in all ventures. And that’s what it says around it in the Theban alphabet; it’s also nicknamed the Witches’ Alphabet. And inside is my name and the word “success” entwined. This one I actually got with Johnny Depp. It says “brother” on the outside and my name and his name in the middle of it. Mark Mahoney did it. He also did this one and this one, which means “Wind Over Heaven” from the I Ching. What this represents is, whenever you’re facing huge obstacles, you don’t focus on them or you’ll lose heart and be defeated. Instead focus on just putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. I wrote about this in my journal log in prison. Well, they had a big concert to try and get me out and bring awareness to the case and one of the things they did was Johnny went on stage and read some of my journal entries, and the one he read was about this. So we got this tattoo because it was tying us together and also because my wife’s nickname is “The Small,” and this is called “The Taming Power of the Small.”



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