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Samhain: Blessed Be All Souls

This week many Pagans celebrate Samhain, popularly known as Hallowe’en. It is the ancient, and modern, festival of the dead, of remembering and honouring those who have gone before us. In pre-Roman times, there is evidence that the ‘Celtic’ peoples of the British Isles would leave doors and windows open to invite the spirits of [Read More…]

State of the Pagan Channel address

Patheos Pagan readers and bloggers, I am delighted to be serving you all as the new Managing Editor of the Pagan Channel. Patheos provides an important space for interfaith dialogue between Pagans and other religious practitioners, as well as among our own community. I look forward to great conversations about the role of Paganism in the twenty-first [Read More…]

ANNOUNCING: New Managing Editor of the Patheos Pagan Channel: Christine Hoff Kraemer

Dear Readers, We are pleased to share with you some exciting news: Effective immediately, Christine Hoff Kraemer is assuming the responsibilities of Managing Editor of the Pagan Channel at Christine holds a PhD in Religious and Theological Studies from Boston University. An accomplished writer, editor, and teacher, Christine has published widely on literature, popular culture, and [Read More…]