What’s New at Patheos Pagan (July 2013)

To our readers in the Northern hemisphere, happy midsummer! To our Southern readers, I hope that midwinter treated you right. Blessings of the waxing and waning sun to all!

Since my last update, we’ve added the following blogs and columns:

The Allergic PaganThe Allergic Pagan by Jungian Neopagan and former Mormon John Halstead. In addition to his personal reflections, John offers an approach to archetypal theology that is far more than “just psychology.” Is your Paganism deity-, self-, earth-, or community-centric? Read for these and other explorations of evolving Pagan values.


Wild GardenWild Garden: Pagans in the Growing Interfaith Landscape, edited by Cherry Hill Seminary Executive Director Holli Emore. Emore has assembled a strong team of Pagan writers to look at Pagans in interfaith work on a local, grassroots level, particularly in the southern United States.


Gateway Goddess: Making Your Home Her Temple has moved to its own blog! Join Kathy Nance for posts on astrology, sacred foods, Goddess spirituality, and more.



Julian BetkowskiSyncretic Electric is a new Agora column by Pagan theologian and artist Julian Betkowski. Julian presents his polytheistic path, Neoclassical Syncretism, as one possible Pagan “spiritual strategy”–others of which will be the subject of future posts.


Kiya Nicoll

Hills of the Horizon is a new Agora column by Egyptian reconstructionist Pagan and mystic Kiya Nicoll. Join her to explore the in-between places occupied by spirit workers, as well as Egyptian symbolism and cosmology.



The Patheos Pagan channel is growing! Whatever thread of Paganism stirs your heart–whether it’s polytheism, witchcraft, nature spirituality, Goddess worship, humanistic philosophy, animism, or body theology–Patheos Pagan has something for you. To learn more about what we have to offer, check out the landing pagesearch for your favorite topic, or subscribe to the Pagan newsletter.



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Christine holds a PhD in Religious and Theological Studies from Boston University. She has published widely on literature, popular culture, and Paganism and is the author of Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies (Patheos Press, 2012) as well as Eros and Touch from a Pagan Perspective (Routledge, 2013). Christine is also an instructor at Cherry Hill Seminary, where she served for two years as chair of the Theology and Religious History department.